Saturday, June 27, 2020

Grab bag of Big Trek and small Game of Thrones

Okay, so this week is a bit of a job lot of painting. First up is a 90mm Sisko from DS9. This is maybe the largest figure I've ever painted.

For scale, a 54mm Picard and 25mm Imperial Guard. Got this in a job lot; no idea what to do with it (initiative marker? "Who has the Sisko?").

I also cleared off a few 15mm Battlelore Westeros figures. Two cavalry here (I think these are characters) plus three assorted foot.

And then some 54mm trek A few STTOS crew: Chekov, Kirk and McCoy.

And then a STTNG Klingon with pain stick.

Up next: I think some 54mm AWI and then some more sci-fi.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Clone Wars Monopoly Pieces

Continuing my tour through sci-fi Monopoly figures, this week I painted up some figures from the Clone Wars monopoly variant. I haven't watched this TV show but the figures seem to be faithful enough to the cartoon.

There are six figures in this set (four Jedi and two Sith). On top, we have Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ashoka. Below we have General Grievous, Captain Rex, and Ventress. These metal figures are pretty cartoonish, with elongated limbs and minimal detail.

The figures are huge. I've compared the two Grievouses I have (right from the Saga Monopoly game) and the Clone Wars figure is about a third bigger (based on limb lengths).

Below, I have compared the various Jedi I have: left to right we have West End Games 25mm Kenobi, Clone Wars Monopoly Kenobi, Rawcliffe 42mm Qui gon Jinn, and 32mm Saga Monopoly Kenobi.

Overall a fun paint but of little utility for gaming so likely these will end up for sale.

Saturday, June 13, 2020

Last of the Zeds

I promise these are the last of the Zeds for awhile. These are the guards from the Prison Break expansion of Zombicide.

I'm not sure what comes next. I have some 54mm AWI Hessians and some 54mm Star Trek TOS underway.

Saturday, June 6, 2020

Star Trek The Next Generation Monopoly Pieces

I always have my eye out for interesting board gaming pieces. These figures are from the STTNG Monopoly game and are roughly 25/28mm figures.

The figures look a bit like the 54mm Rawcliffe pewter sculpts but are different. They are also quite slight (more of a 20mm plastic vibe). I've no idea what Worf is doing (below): the Monster Mash?

There were also four other figures (O'Brien, Pulaski, Yar and Guinan) that you could mail order, but I have only seen them once on eBay for a huge price!

I put them up against some other Star Trek figures I have for size comparison. Left to right we have a Victory Force Miniatures Space Crew (TMP Klingon variant, painted as a TOS Romulan), a Space Vixen's from Mars STTNG Klingon,  a STTNG Monopoly pieces, a Matakishi's TOS Star Ship Crew and a 1st Corp TOS Ships Crew.

Up next: More bleeding Zombies!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Toxic zombies

A few more zombies from the Prison Break box for zombicide.

These are the toxic zombies, so needed a green paint job to distinguish them from regular zeds. I did half as prisoners and half as guards.

Up next: Some 25/28mm STTNG figures.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

More Star Wars Monopoly

I finished painting the figures from the Star Wars Monopoly set.

The Jedi figures were not quite as cool as the Sith figures, but were nice enough.

From the prequel, we have Yoda and young Obi-wan. Yoda is the best of the figures, with crazy good animation.

The downside of these cast metal figures is that there is no way to easily get rid of mold lines (above: Yoda's head and right side of base). Meh.

From the original trilogy, Luke is worst of the Jedi figures, with badly defined arms. Not sure why they thought that sail barge Leia was their best bet. Hoth or Death Star or Bespin Leia would have been better. Really, any Leia would have been better.

Up next: Zeds (probably toxic zombies and then some prison guards). I'v also ordered from Clone Wars Monopoly figures to see what they are like.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

More prisoner Zeds

Back to the Zombicide prisoner expansion and the second half of the prisoner batch.

I used some paint to add some clothing to the female Zombies. No idea why sculptors can't imagine that female Zeds could keep their shirts on during the apocalypse.

This batch seems a bit more gory than the last batch. Perhaps the brush was loaded with more blood when I flicked it?

Back to the Star Wars figures next week. Then some toxic zombies.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Star Wars Monopoly figures?

A few weeks back, I ran across some monopoly figures from a Star Wars variant. There are half a dozen Star Wars versions of the game. One version looks like it uses old West End Games sculpts.

The 2005 Saga edition comes with eight figures that are roughly 32mm tall. I painted up the Sith side first. These are beefy figures on big bases (all cast metal).

Overall, they are pretty nice figures for a board game. They dwarf the old 25mm WEG figures I have.

I was particularly taken with General Grievous. I have the Jedi figures underway.

Up next: Some more zombies.

Saturday, May 2, 2020


For a change of pace, I opened up the Zombicide prison expansion I bought years ago and hauled out some Zeds. The box has the usual assortment and regulars, runners, fatties and toxic zombies.

I broke the regulars into two groups (cops and robbers) to mix up the batch and then started with the prisoners. These 8 are the first half of that lot.

My plan was to see how little I could do and still get a passable result. So spray prime grey, drybrush lighter grey, block paint orange (and a bit of white), wash, splatter with blood, and seal. For literally the most half-assed painting you can imagine, they turned out pretty good!

I have a second batch of prisoners underway. But before them, I'm going to paint some Star Wars monopoly tokens I bought. Then the Zeds. Then maybe some toxic Zeds? 

Since summer has arrived and the garden, my kayak and my bike all call, I'm going to slow the rate of posts to once per week until the autumn.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Last Star Trek for awhile

These will, I promise, be the last of the 54mm Star Trek for awhile. I have some 28mm zombies on the table right now and some 28mm Star Wars monopoly pieces (yes, really) ready to prime.

Today, I finished off the STTNG figures I have with Troi, Guynan, and Crusher.

These pictures are just terrible and make the faces look appalling. They look much better in real life. No idea what is going on but I wonder if the matt finish if playing tricks on the camera?

Anyhow done for now.

I also finished off a Sulu!

Still no gaming for the foreseeable future so I hope to make a dent in the last box of zombicide that I have (the prison expansion). I'm going to give the Zeds a go now and save the characters for Zomtober.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Voyage of the Pandora and 28mm D&D

So no club gaming for the foreseeable future, but Bruce dropped by a copy of a 1980s solo game (Voyage of the Pandora) at several folks' houses and we're each playing games as we can for glory and in a vaguely competitive arrangement (there will be a winner declared).

The premise is space exploration, with both interstellar travel and planetary exploration, with 10-, 20- and 30-month options. When (if?) you get to a planet, you put together an away team and explore. Exploration is via a die roll and a choose your own adventure mechanism in the rule book.

The goal is the most victory points per month. You fight (or capture) creatures, survive events (metal eating ants!), and (allegedly) find artifacts. So far, I've run one 10-month mission and got a whole net 2 victory points! The system is interesting in that it is basically an analog version of a simply solo computer game (e.g., Para 170: if X, do Y and see para 207),

A friend also dropped off a D&D figure for some paint. This is a 3-D printed figure. It is about the same quality as a Wizkids figure.

I liked the stash of coins at his feet. I was going for a flagstone floor but ended up with more of a marble effect (which is the flooring one most associates with stacks of gold coins anyhow).

Up next: A few more 54mm STTNG figures then onto some 28mm Zombies for a change of pace.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

More bridge crew

Painting multiples (yay, job lot on eBay) is interesting. The Data's below are the same figure, presumably out of the same mold, but have different faces.

As cool as I thought he STTNG uniforms were in 1989, they don't look as cool as the DSP/Voyager era outfits. Apologies for the glare--I used a matt finish but there are some weird light effects going on.

And William Riker, lover, action hero, better in slimming black.

Apologies for the soft focus--not sure what happened there.

Up next: Maybe some solo gaming. A 28mm D&D figure is almost done. Then some more 54mm STTNG. Then maybe some 28mm zombies and 54mm AWI.

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Captain, my captains!

More 54mm Star Trek, this time JLP in various poses and uniforms.

Do his hips seems a touch pinched in this sculpt? Might be a trick of the light.

This is a later pose with a fancier base. I see his shoe needs a touch up.

Same pose as the first but in a DS-9/Voyager era uniform.

Up next: Riker and Data and a 28mm D&D miniature.