Friday, May 25, 2018

Freeman's Farm in 54mm

Taylor dropped by Thursday night for a quick game of C&C Tricorne and I selected the Freeman's Farm scenario based on the troops I had painted up (need to paint more cannon!)

Basically there are two lines that start within musket range and a tonne of trees.

The British look more powerful, with cannon in the middle, grenadiers on the right and Hessians on the left. The rebels have a concerning amount of militia in the middle of their line.

Our game saw a lot of action on the American left. After some shooting, the Americans were driven back.

So I reformed a refusal in the hope of winning elsewhere before the British grenadiers could get to me.

There was then a serious tussle in the middle and some inspired card play by Taylor. This was followed by shite rolling by me and three units of militia routed in one round! This left me with lots of room to maneuver in the centre... .

At this point it was 6-0 for the British (more bad rout rolls) and the game ended at 7 so it was time to take some risks. So I rushed a unit forward with a general attached and just started meleeing my way through his line (the Liberty or Union flag is my hero unit).

Suddenly, it was 6-5 for the British and I was back in it!

The battle on the left disintegrated into a swirling fight among the trees.

Taylor then advanced his grenadiers and regulars on the left and it became a desperate right between a small number of units. I was all set to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat but crapped out and lost a unit during a battle back!

A well fought 7-5 win for the British. Good lord, do militia suck!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Monsters and cultists

I pushed out a few more Heroclix repaints this week. There are two snake-like creatures plus a giant or demon of some kind. These will work fine for a Buffy scenario.

A few weeks back, I did a "my junk for your junk" trade with Chris and I ended up with a box of Empire Flagellants.

I thought these would serve as useful cultists for pulp games so commenced building (sigh) and painting. Nice sculpts with lots of motion.

They scale pretty well with 28mm Heroclix. I originally had these on square GW bases but decided they would look better on clear discs.

I quite like the fire and whips and skull theme. These are not a slick at the Northstar cultists that Terry has (which are sweet and pulpier) and these are all men, but they will do for now.

I have a bunch more of these on the painting table so they will likely comprise production for th next few weeks.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Some May the Fourth Pulp Alley

I ran a Star Wars-themed game of Pulp Alley for May the 4th at the club this week. Scott has most recently seen a Star Trek episode (TOS no less) so got to choose gangs first. He picked Planet of the Apes. Craig selected Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Chen picked Klingons. And that left Richard with Han Solo and friends.

Players got points for killing figures, solving minor plot points (which revealed NPCs), and for capturing and escorting their NPC off the board (e.g., Klingons had to capture a Romulan). The setting was the stockyard section of Sunnydale and The One's manipulation of time and space to brought our gangs together.

The Apes quickly ran towards a plot point which set of a flurry of dashing about. (Plot points were tribbles). By the end of the first turn, each side was firmly on the board.

Which is about when the Zeds started crawling out of the sewers (in lieu of a major plot point). This was a surprise to everyone.

The Zeds moved at the end of each subsequent turn (with additional reinforcements appear out of each manhole) towards the nearest figure and seeking to brawl. The players had quite surprisingly bad rolls for zombie entry (everyone rolled maximum zombies for several turns--I almost ran out of zombies!) and great roles when playing the zombies against other players.

Several figures got trapped battling (and basically farming) zombies. For example,  Chen's Uwan spent the entire game calming dispatching the undead in this spot

Scott had a similar experience with Cornelius being essentially taken out of play by endless Zeds. Craig used Buffy to farm Zeds and earn points. I suspect next time there would be more running from the Zeds rather than getting trapped.

The Apes eventually solved a plot point to reveal the Romulan that the Klingon's needed. Scott immediately wanted to kill her. I hadn't thought about such a blood-thirst strategy but went with it. Scott and Chen then battled over the Romulan for much of the rest of the game.

The Scooby gang had a tonne of trouble with their plot point. Xander blew himself up. Willow eventually solved it to reveal the droids needed by Han Solo.

The north side of the board continued to be inundated by Zeds. Han Solo discovered the Ape general by solving a plot point and quickly dispatched him (so blood thirsty!). Uwan killed more Zeds.

Solo and Chewy made a move on the droids with a rebel trooper hitting Willow with fire. Chen quipped "Your archaic religion is no match for a blaster."

This was, sadly, the high water mark for the Star Wars gang as the zombies washed over them shortly afterwards ("ummm, Chewy...").

We called the game at the end of Turn 6. Chen narrowly won on points but was also the only player to recover his objective and be heading towards the exitd. Scott and Craig were close behind in points. The Zombie mechanic was a good idea but slightly over-powered: one Zed per manhole per turn would have been fine.

Thanks to the players for their good humour. I was so happy I remembered almost everything. I left Luna Lovejoy's wand as the initiative marker at home so we McGyverized a solution (a box of paper clips). Thanks also to Red Claw for hosting us.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Pulp Alley Gangsters

I'm going to run a game of Pulp Alley at the club this week. It has been awhile since I've played so Bruce hosted a gangsters themed game this week so I could refresh my memory about the finer points of the rules.

A new addition to his gangster set up (beyond the cut-down buildings with access to the interiors) was this trolley car that was liberated from his beloved's shelf of mementos.

A new mechanic we tried out was recruiting bystanders. Basically, you can recruit by contacting and passing a check up until the first shot of the game. I managed to pick up granny and the bellman before Bruce opened fire.

Of the left side of the table, the gangsters advance, trying to bring enough power to bear against the cop's leader to knock him out. No joy there!

Over on the right side, the gangster leader (background) is shooting it out with two cops. Unbeknownst to them, the bellman is sneaking up behind them.

I was fiddling with new camera angles on my phone...

...and wasn't paying enough attention to the head copper making a bee-line for my still!

He broke the still (the major plot point) and a running firefight through the alleys ensued.

Meanwhile, granny duked it out with a copper.

And over on the right side, the firefight continued until Bruce managed to grab a minor plot point and scarper off the board, clearly winning the game for the poh-poh.

I'm putting the finishing touches on my club game today. I'm going to do a May the 4th themed scenario. Mostly trying to not over-complicate the game with too many special rules or conditions. Looks like five-person gangs plus some roving NPCs.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Full Thrust at the club

Bruce hosted a game of Full Thrust at the club this week. He used the newer Full Thrust rules which streamlined a few things and we started off using hidden movement.

The first few turns saw red team's light ships take a pounding from the white team. The two carriers moved towards the planet (out of frame to the right) that was the victory objective.

Scott rolled a life-time of six's flying the white team's light ships.

By mid-game, the carriers were about to engage by the planet while the rest of team red was in some serious trouble. Team white had launched a salvo of missiles (blue markers just barely visible below).

The carrier battle was blood (for the fighters) but not super damaging.

Team red's carrier then moved into orbit around the plant, chased by team whites lights.

While I didn't snap a shot, team red's carrier looped around the planet just as team red's missile salvo finally caught up with it and that was basically the game. A pretty fun space game with more balanced fighter rules than the original.

As summer has arrived, I will be moving to one post per week (likely Saturday's) from two.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

More 15mm WW2 for sale

Alright, some more 15mm WW2 are on the block this week. Pick-up in Edmonton or shipping at cost.

First up is a set of three Battlefront M-5 Stuarts. These are late-war tanks, suitable for the western front. The tanks are decaled and a touch muddy. One hs a commander.

I'd like $20 for these.

Next up is a lot of 2 Hornisse sporting an 88mm gun. The units are painted, decaled, washed and sealed.

I'd like $20 for the pair.

Finally, I have a lot of 15 early- to mid-war German soft skins to transport your troops. Good for France, Russia, or the desert. There are five Opel Blitzes (above).

There are also two Krupp Kfz 70 trucks and three Horch Kfz 15 cars (above) and four Steyr Kfz 70 trucks and a Kubel wagon below.

I have left the bases unfinished. I'd be happy to paint them for you for free. Or you could easily finish them yourself.

I'd like $45 for this lot. Offers to