Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Cardassian and Dominion fleets

Bruce and I have been fooling around with adapting Axis and Allies: War at Sea to Star Trek using some 1/7000 (or 1/10000--very tiny anyhow) ships from Shapeways.

I had Federation and Klingon fleets. Bruce picked upside Gorn and Kzintzi while I added some Cardassian and Dominion ships over the holidays.

Painting and photographing something this small is tricky (the washers I'm using as bases are one inch across). I painted the Cardassians a golden yellow, detailed and washed.

The Dominion I painted grey, detailed and washed mauve. The paint job looks okay at three feet, which is mostly what I was going for.

The nacelles on the Dominion ships turns out okay.

In a second order I put in with Bruce I also picked up some BSG ships and a few space stations so I will be painting those next.

I'm hopeful to get a game going with the revised rules in the next few weeks.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

La Salle and PBI at the club

We had eight guys out at the club this week. Bruce hosted Richard, Terry and Scott in a game of La Salle. I think the defenders managed to hold off the attackers' efforts to expand a bridgehead.

Mike hosted Dan, Chen and me in a game of Poor Bloody Infantry (v1). This was set in Italy with the Loyal Eddies attempting to clear some Germans out of some houses (the Germans set up hidden).

On the German right, the Canadians came forward pretty relentlessly.

Over on the left, the Canadians ran into stiffer resistance on the woods.

A firefight saw the Canadian left attack stall out. Mike's cursed green dice were entirely responsible for this. Death to the green dice!

Mike's 10mm figures are very nicely painted, however. And his terrain was super slick so I guess can forgive his choice in dice.

The Germans took the offensive on the left and push an assault forward into the woods.

The result was that everyone but the German platoon commander died ("Ach, Scheisse!"). This basically ended the Canadian attack on this side.

On the right, the Canadians came on strongly but ended up strung out with command and control woes. The Germans then redeployed to contain the Canadians and counter-attacked.

With the game-clock running out of time, the Canadians were thwarted and the Germans won based on casualties.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

15mm paratroops and AA for sale

I finished painting out a job lot of 15mm WW2 figures I bought awhile back. I have added these to my 15mm WW2 for sale page.

First up are two platoons of German paratroops. The figures are Battlefront metals and on FoW bases.

Getting a decent picture is always tough. They have camp smocks. Two broken rifles were converted to panzerfausts. The bases almost all feature an MG team plus infantry.

There are two command bases as well for a total of 78 figures (18 four-man bases plus 2 three-man command bases). I'd like $80.

I also have two resin Battlefront Panzer 4s with 37mm AA guns.

These are pretty nice models and the turrets are loose (so rotate).

I'd like $20 for these.

Up next: Some HO-scale terrain, I think, plus the first club night of the year.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Yes, more Zeds. Sorry.

Happy New Year! Okay, so these truly are the last of the Zombies for awhile. The Toxic Mall box had zombie versions of the characters from the first Zombicide box.

So I painted them up to finish off the Toxic Mall box.

The Zed-versions are pretty beat up. I matched the clothes as best I could.

In a few cases, I couldn't find the paint I used last time (a couple of years ago).

Happy to be done these guys.

Up next: A bunch of 15mm WW2 German paratroops.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Battle of Long Island

I had Richard, Terry and Scott over this past weekend for some 54mm AWI action. I chose Grant's attack at Long Island (the pinning action) as the scenario.

The British can gain a victory point by occupying the town and two points for the exit road hex and for the hill at the bottom right. The Americans can earn a single victory point for the two or the bottom hill.

The American forces were mostly provincials leavened with two regulars and one group of militia. The militia (which are objectively garbage) fought irritatingly well in both games.

The British started with flank advances in game 1. This meant coming under the Rebel guns.

The British left foundered with no cards and a stout defence by the imperial guard militia on red ale hill.

By mid-game, the British had taken a few causalities but had made little progress.

Eventually the highlanders charged the American gun and were repelled. The gun, however, was eventually broken,

The British then worked their way around the right flank and started a push in the middle.

The Americans just couldn't hold off the weight of all of the regulars and, as the center collapsed, the British won 8-4.

We switched sides to refight. The British again advance on the flanks and the rebels sniped at the British centre.

The highlanders would eventually rush the hill in the middle of the board, clean it out, and drop down into the rebel reserves! A lucky advance to the rear saved the unit and gave the British time to bring up the centre.

A series of lucky British cards pushed the Americans back in the centre. A valiant attack on the American left took two units (!) but the British just pushed ahead in the middle.

All of the command flags obscure the action but the British pushed the Americans out of the town and then started to clean up units for am 8-3 win.

Overall, a good run through; I was happy we got to play both sides and to bring out Tricorne.

Saturday, December 28, 2019

15mm Jadgpanzer 4s

I finished off the last of 15mm vehicles I have over the break. These are four jadgpanzer 4's tricked out for Russian (or Poland, or eastern Germany...) or Normandy.

Three have skirts and one is without. Two have crew poking their head up. All are decaled with Baltic crosses

I've added these to my 15mm for sale page.

Up next: some holiday gaming and some Zeds.

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Some 15mm artillery

Happy Life-Day Eve, nerds!

I finished up some 15mm German WW2 artillery over the weekend. This was part of a job lot that I got last year and then sat around awaiting some love.

There were four bases of towed guns and they were a real mess. I have added them to my 15mm WW2 for sale page.

I see a slight base touch-up is needed--must have pulled the paint off with a sticky finger! I hope to spend some more time painting over the holidays. I have a bunch of 15mm German paratroops to finally finish up with the box of junk I bought.