Saturday, August 15, 2020

Trek and a super

Another grab bag with an emphasis on sci-fi.

So I painted up a giant (90mm) Odo that arrived in the post. I thought he would be 54mm so that was a surprise! Other figures for some scale (54mm Picard and 28mm Picard).

I also repainted a Heroclix super (Geo-force from the Outsiders) who had been lingering on the table for awhile. I painted over his green outfit to match him to my 1988 comic book recollection.

I also did some repainting of some Heroclix Star Trek. These are pretty big figures (32mm maybe).

Nice enough but not a great match for the metals that I have. Probably these guys will go up for sale unless I can find a bunch more.

Up next: Hard to say. I have a bunch of zombie survivors that I'm working on. Plus some Star Wars. Maybe some Harry Potter after that?

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Monopoly Star Wars figures

So I bought some pewter 25mm Star Wars figures on eBay. They were sold to me as Monopoly figures, but they didn't match the original trilogy images I had seen on online (which looked like West End Games figures). After some searching, it turns out these are from a 2004 re-release.

The figures are about 25mm tall but are quite a lot thinner than West End Games figures (more of a 20mm plastics vibe). 

I've pair two of the figures with their WEG counterparts (flanking them). Obviously different sculpts. The wash created an unfortunate Space Hitler effect on Grand Moff Tarkin. The tusken raider looks like he is installing a tail pipe.

Up next: Not sure what is next. Perhaps some random stuff I need to finish up.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

WEG Star Wars

Today, I have some 25mm West End Games Star Wars figures finished up. I have a tray of these on the paint table, patiently waiting for me to care about them.

I grabbed a selection of Tatooine figures, including a Jawa, three cantina band members, and a figure that is either the bartender in Mos Eisely or Uncle Owen (offering up a glass of blue milk) or a Luke if he stayed one more season non-canonical figure.

I received two metal speeder bikes in the lot I bought last fall. These needed some work (control levers were missing and mounting posts were also gone). After a lot of experimenting with clear plastic rod and wire (all unsuccessful), I eventually decided to just use two roofing nails to suspend them. The bikes more or less scale to the micro machines I have been using.

Up next: Some more star Wars monopoly figures.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Star Wars Monopoly: Episode 1

So finally some Star Wars Monopoly figures (from the Episode 1 game) that actually match my 25mm West End Games figures!

There are eight figures in this set. Above, we have Sebuba (I think), the Emperor, Darth Maul and a battledroid. Below, we have Anakin, Jar Jar, Padme Amidala, and Qui Gon Jinn.

The integral base makes these figures a bit tall. When you account for the base, they are pretty much bang on 25mm, albeit with a more 20mm plastics sculpting (see below).

These are a pretty good fit with my WEG figs so I'll be keeping these. I have another set of Monopoly Figures underway that also match 25mm. Up next, though: some WEG figures.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Trek, Hessians and Terrain

A bit of a post-vacation grab-bag this week.

First up are some STTOS 54mm metals. Above is Captain Pike and Lt. Sulu. Below is another Sulu (?) and Scotty.

I also painted and based three tombstones (I think these are Cthulhu markers I got fro Chen).

And, finally, the last of the 54mm Hessians.

Up next: There are quite a number of 25/28mm Star Wars figures on my painting table right now.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

STTNG Last Unicorn Away Team

I finished off some 28mm reinforcements for my STTNG troops. These seven figures are from Last Unicorn Games and were the only minis produced for the STTNG RPG.

The figures are a mixed bag and were pretty expensive. There are only two female heads among the four figures. The figures in the top picture I painted as Ensign Ro Laren, Worf, and Tasha Yar. The figures below are just nameless Starfleet. The third one (science officer scratching head) I painted as Vulcan. Nice to see some non-humans.

The figures more or less scale with the STTTNG monopoly figures I have. They are a bit beefier sculpts with the usual 28mm exaggerations.  The bases on the Last Unicorn figures were wildly random.One was a full round base. Two were oblong but unstable. The rest were a mishmash of tiny shapes. Weird production choice.

The two Worfs offer interesting contrasts. The monopoly figure on the left has the more accurate face but a terrible pose (although Worf's phaser is in the correct hand). The sculpt on the right is way better pose but the details are pretty so-so (his hair is pulled back into a braid at the back).

In the end, they look fine enough together to use on the table together. Apparently the Last Unicorn Figures more or less work with the Heroclix Star Trek but are thin enough to pass for youthful cadets.

Up next: Some more 54mm Hessians and some 28mm tombstones?

Saturday, July 4, 2020

54mm Hessians

A long-delayed painting project is some Hessian regulars in 54mm to supplement my Tricorne forces.

These are some HaT SYW plastics I picked up a few years ago.

For plastics, they are very nice figures at a much lower cost than metals. The hats are interchangeable so you can make regulars, fusiliers, and grenadiers from the same figures.

They are designed to replace the Hessians I painted a few years ago (below left) from an old set of children's toys.

I have one more four-man unit drying (got out of sync with basing).