Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Zomtober Week 4: Second Part of Zombicide

I finished off the second half of the Zeds in the basic Zombicide box this week. Slightly different paint palette so, when mixed with last week's efforts, there is a more diverse-looking crowd.

I added the abomination to the fatties this week. There were also a bunch of runners.

Then there were the hordes of walkers. Man, I'm probably good on painting zombies for awhile.

Up next: Hard to say. Maybe an actual game with Zombies?

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hallowe'en Pulp Alley at the Rocky Cove Cemetery

We had eight guys out at the club this week. There was a game of Commands & Colors Napoleonics and I ran a Hallowe'en-themed game of Pulp Alley using some not-Lego figures I've collected.

The premise was that an all-night rave in the Rocky Cove cemetery has gone (predictably) wrong with four groups of zombies chasing 20 costumed party goers across the table (4 of whom are actually horrifying henchmen and minor plot points). The major plot appears when all four henchmen have been unmasked.

Enter four groups of adventurers who have all been brought to the cemetery on slightly different missions.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Big Bad has come to Rocky Cove and you’ve tracked him to an all-night rave in the local cemetery. But packs of zombies are terrifying the young party-goers! Your mission:
  • Kill the Big Bad (5 points, Big Bad appears after 4 hidden servants are revealed)
  • Giles debunks “ghost busting” (2 points, contact ghostbuster, win cunning check)
  • Kill a zombie (1 point each; zombies melee as 1d6 characters but no shooting)
Scooby-Doo Gang: Daphne has been kidnapped by Old Man Corker! You’ve tracked her to an all-night rave in the Rocky Cove cemetery. But packs of zombies are terrifying the young party-goers! Your mission:
  • Rescue Daphne (5 points, Old Man Corker appears after 4 hidden henchmen are revealed)
  • Fred get Buffy to go with him (2 points, contact her and win cunning check, if successful, Buffy paralyzed for one turn)
  • Save a teen (1 point each, contact teen, they join your character, if character knocked down at end of game, teens don’t count)
Ghostbusters: Gozer is set to appear at an all-night rave in the Rocky Cove cemetery. But packs of zombies are terrifying the young party-goers! Your mission:
  • Kill Gozer (5 points, Gozer appears after 4 hidden key bearers are revealed)
  • Recruit Sheldon to join Ghostbusters (2 points, contact him and win cunning check, if successful, Sheldon joins your team)
  • Kill a zombie (1 point each; zombies melee as 1d6 characters but no shooting)
Big Bang Theory: Wolowitz has been kidnapped by Adolf Hitler! You’ve tracked them to an all-night rave in the Rocky Cove cemetery. But packs of zombies are terrifying the young party-goers! Your mission:
  • Rescue Wolowitz (5 points, Hitler appears after 4 hidden henchmen are revealed)
  • Sheldon debunks “Scooby-Snacks” (2 points, contact Scooby and win cunning check, if successful, Scooby’s health drops one level)
  • Save a teen (1 point each, contact teen, they join your character, if character knocked down at end of game, teens don’t count).

Things opened a bit chaotically with the Big Bang Theory (BBT) discovering a defeating one of the four henchmen right out of the gate. The zombies shuffled about, chasing this costumed Trump impersonator into the hands of the BBT.

Meanwhile, the Scooby-Doo Gang (SDG) entered the board and tried to rescue some teens and find some fiends. Roikes! Ghostbusters (GB) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BVS) were doing like-wise.

The four areas of perilous terrain gave everyone fits throughout the game. Above, we see Xander (BVS) trapped in the cemetery trying to rescue a costumed red-coat from a horde of Zeds.  In the end, the teen and Xander bite it, but Buffy returned to kick butt.

The BBT whisked the Trump teen away but left poor Sheldon to face down a horde by himself. He had amazingly lucky dodge and health check rolls and survived the game. Not like poor Raj... .

I didn't get a picture of it, but Giles (BVS) managed to debunk ghostbusting for two points. Both BVS and GBs spent a lot of time farming zombies for points (which opened up the board).

The SDG had lots of trouble taking down the fiendish cop as Scooby got scared (and Fred and Shaggy were useless). A Scooby snack eventually got him back in the game.

At about this point, there was one fiend left to find and most of the teens had been rescued. The unmasking of the fourth fiendish henchman saw the appearance of the the major plot point as Hitler/Gozer/BigBad/Old Man Corker stepped out of statue, revealing both Daphne and Wolowitz tied to a bomb.

Then the race was on to with kill Hitler or rescue the hostages. Hitler's goal was to get off board but his own movement was slowed by his tiny legs (Stump-troopen, quipped Terry). Fortunately a motorcycle was dispatched to snatch him up.

Unfortunately for Hitler (something I never thought I'd write), Buffy stuck a stick in the spokes and the motorcycle crashed. She then returned to laying a beating on the Gorgon. Meanwhile, Freddy snuck up behind her and successfully asked her out (winning a cunning roll), stunning her for a turn.

Back at Deadman's Curve, Hitler is fending off various shooting attacks. As the dice would have it, he was slowly being driven back towards the board edge he needed to exit off of.

In the end, the SDG was able to pass the major plot point and rescued Daphne from the ticking bomb just as Hitler exited the board. This ended the game, about 20 minutes ahead of the 2-hour limit I had imposed.

The teams counted up victory points and Terry (SDG) won with nine points. I think Bruce (GB) was next with 8 and Dan (BVS) was third with 7. Richard (BBT) came fourth (don't recall his total). Thanks Chen for stepping in to run the bad guys.

Overall, better than past pulp alley games. Smaller teams and a smaller board helped (as did whipping the players to keep the game moving). There was too much terrain (especially linear terrain) and not enough opportunity for the players to interact. But live and learn (or not, if you're Raj or Xander...).

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Zomtober Week 3: Zombicide base set 1/2

I cranked out half of the Zombicide base set this week. I broke the set into two groups in order to mix up the painting colours such that the final horde has more diversity than if I painted them all at once.

There are 24 in this batch. We started with the fatties above and then switch to various runner poses. I tried to vary he colours as much as I could in this batch but you see some repeats and colour themes.

Then a bunch of dudes and ladies out for a late-night snack.

Mixed up, you get a nice horde effect,

The match pretty well with 25mm Buffy and 28mm Batgirl.

Up next: The other half of the box. Getting tired of Zeds... .

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Mixed bag of troops and terrain

No gaming this week, sadly. Staying in theme, I have a ghoulish collection of miscellaneous pieces painted up.

First up are four old West End Games 25mm stormtroopers that I somehow missed in my massive rebasing efforts a year or so ago.

I have picked up a few pieces from Red Claw from the WizKids pre-primed sets. This includes two doors and a bunch of treasure chests.

I also bought some oxen and then struggled to paint them. Not happy with result but tired of looking at them so I finished the bases.

The postman delivered some more ghoulish not-Lego figures. No idea where they are from or when I ordered them. I presume an impulse buy during a terrible faculty council meeting.

Up next: Probably some more 54mm troops.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Zomtober Week 2: Zombicide VIP box

Week 2 of Zomtober and we have a VIP box from the game Zombicide. I picked this up on Boxing Day and finally got around to painting the figures.

Four Santa's seemed excessive to me but there you have it. The four punk rockers were a bit more amenable to paint-job conversion to make them look a but different.

Same strategy with these construction workers. Note the PPE: safety first!

I tried to paint up the four sailors as two short-order cooks and two sailors. Meh.

The cops were easy to mix up with just different shirt and pant combinations. The painting really improves the figures over the grey plastic they would otherwise be.

Up next: Probably some Zombies from the base set.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

54mm AWI and 28mm terrain

Offspring activities meant I could not get out to the club this week, so no game reports. I did manage to get some painting done.

The arrival of more sprues of HaT 54mm Prussian SYW troops meant I could do some cutting to make light troops for the French (above) and Hessians (below). Cutting was mostly removing bayonets from muskets. In retrospect, maybe cutting down the hats would have also been an idea (such fiddly work, though).

Overall, the effect is good enough. Below there are two of the new plastic troops flanking one of the older metals I have from All The Kings' Men. Pretty decent match, especially since I had to guess at the paint mix for the jackets.

I also knocked off some of the terrain I bought at Red Claw the last time I was there. This is a set of bookshelves and cabinets. You can customize the inserts as you like to vary them (if you buy multiple sets). They look good enough for Buffy and Giles.

Up next: Well. some more zombie stuff and also some more 54mm AWI troops. I need to paint up some French marines (with colourful outfits) and then look at some French dragoons. The French expansion to Tricorne is due in late October.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Zomtober: Roh, Roh... Lego Zombies

For the past few years, my buddy Terry has participated in the "Zomtober" painting challenge (which seems to boil down to painting some zombies in October). I have some underway but thought I'd get in on week 1 with some not-Lego zombies I picked up awhile back.

There are basically six poses that I tried to vary by swapping heads, hair and accessories. The nice thing about the minifigures is that the zombie heads can be swapped in with virtually any body to create zombie version of that figure.

Our conclusion was that the brown thing some of them are holding is a cupcake or muffin, not poop. YMMV.

And, of course, if you have zombies, you gotta have some zombie fighters. Enter the real Scooby gang. Also not-Lego. These seem to be based on the recent movie, rather than the old TV show.

Up next: More zombies, this time from the Zombicide game.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Some HO-scale buildings

No gaming time this week so some more painting. I finished off some of my last HO-scale train buildings that Got in a job lot from Terry quit a long time ago. I tried to mix-up the paint schemes a bit (to add some diversity to my town).

I used some decals to add some more residential-style buildings (a cafe and grocery store above) and a cafe and rooming house below.

I tried to make the backs of the buildings a bit more interesting with some painted over graffiti as well as some graffiti.

I also added a few decals (one way signs). Overall, happy with the resulting effects.

Next up is a bunch of zombies for Zombtober and then more 54mm French and Hessian AWI troops.