Thursday, January 26, 2012

Reforestation efforts

After much delay, I finally sat down to spruce up (so to speak) my aged trees bases. These fellows usually sit on an area marker or in a hex so are designed to be moved around to accommodate unit placement.

There are 38 of these (I think I've lost two over the years) and the base is cork with a washer on the bottom for weight and magnetic purposes. Then I put on some flock and then some trees.

I think I originally made these back in 2005 or 2006 so they have had some heavy use. Several bases were down to only a few trees. I replenished the forests with pieces I had in my terrain box.

There are basically three kinds of trees. The spruce are pipe-cleaners that GHQ used to sell. The clump foliage is on woodland scenic trucks. And the light coloured, column-linear trees are part of a dried flower that I chopped up.

These are meant to be generic trees. Most of my gaming is set in North America so I was going for a rocky east-coast look with a mixed forest. I think these fit the bill.

Up next: I have four 1/600 ships about half painted an I hope to finish these by early next week. I also have a game of Maurice with Bruce on Wednesday and there are some 28mm vampire count figures to build.

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