Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Club Night: January 17

We had 10 guys out at the club last night, which was pretty good given it was minus 40C with the windchill. We have some dedicated gamers!

I put on a game of Battlelore. I had hoped to test out the reluctant allies rules for my MayDay game but I was happy in the end to have two players keen. Here you see Bruce as Mordred and Neal as Arthur. The actors portraying them in the movie version will be prettier! It was a narrow win for Arthur after an aggressive Mordred had him on his backfoot for much of the game.

Dave hosted Chen, Terry, Scott, Mark and Alan in a redux of his Hail Caesar Normans v Saxons game. The scenario had a few tweaks (more Normans!). You can see the pretty new Normans (actually El Cid Spaniards standing in) above.

The Saxons again refused the right, awaiting the Norman cavalry (who turned up pretty much on time).

There was much taunting and eventually (I think) the middles met (which sounds kind of dirty) with the Normans managing a win. I didn't hear Scott swearing too much so he must have done alright last night!

Up next: I have some 15mm FoW Germans which are being based (should be done by tomorrow) and then onto some 6mm FPW figures. It has been awhile since I have painted 6mm! And then I will get to work on my tree repairs, which is the last item I need for my MayDay game.


  1. Great photos Bob, how do you get so much depth of field?

  2. It is all the camera (I use the "flower" setting). It seems to do better if I am shooting from further back (up close it seems to freak out some and often only a portion of a figure will be sharp). What I really need is a camera with a manual field depth option but that is a lot more dough. maybe next time i buy!