Sunday, January 8, 2012

Second batch of Orc ships

I finished the second batch of 1/600 orc ships for Uncharted Seas. Again, I was left to my own devices to come up with a colour scheme so I tried to mix up various garish colours.

I am happiest with this ship as I think it looks the most nautical with the white sails and mono-coloured hull. I tried my hand a orc runes but maybe something a bit more Scandinavian would have looked better.

This larger ship looks much better in person than in this shot. For whatever reason, the red has become super-luminous in the photo and all of the depths of the wash is lost. Also, the eye looks off-centre but it is, in fact, dead centre (an angle-thing, I think--the mast is just resting in the hole and has tipped slightly backwards and off to one side). THe owner can glue it if he wants or pack the hole with putty so the mast can come out for transport.

The ship below also looks worse in the picture than in person (arrgh). The lines in the sail look all wonky in the photo, which reflects the angle of the picture as well as the curves of the sail. Looks fine in person.

Up next: I have 20-some Celts that I am finishing the basing on. Then onto some 28mm Imperial Romans and I will start rehab on my trees. Another game of Maurice is set for Tuesday night so there'll be another battle report on it.


Jonathan said...

Very nice looking ships! Very "orky" and rough!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Jonathan!

Eric Wilde said...

I particularly like the harsh contrasts on the last one. I can totally see it rushing toward a defended harbor, cannons blazing.

Matt D said...

They look good. I love these ships, in fact I think I like 95% of spartans product line.

Bob Barnetson said...

Eric: Thanks.
Matt: Yes, the dystopian wars ships look very cool (must resist...).