Monday, January 2, 2012

Star Trek Fleet Captains

Bruce popped by this afternoon and we pulled out Star Trek Fleet Captains and managed two quick games. I'm running the game tomorrow at the club so appreciated the opportunity to go through the rules quickly.

We split the games between us and each had a nice mix of exploration, combat and Trekish bits (e.g., characters on cards that affect play). Overall, it seemed reasonably balanced to me. The random nature of card-driven games means there will be freakish games but, by and large, I think there are enough ways to win that overall the game is pretty fun.

We had only one game with significant combat (Bruce won the first using science-missions before I could even get to him) and the Klingons managed to put down both the Enterprise A and E for a win (destroying Captain Kirk in the process). Interestingly, after destroying the Enterprise E, Bruce pulled replacements that totaled four small ships--a huge boon for him in terms of options.

About the only negative things I have to say is that the clix are a bit sticky and I've had two ships break. One will be an easy fix and the other will be trickier. We'll see what the guys say tomorrow.

Up next: I have some Roman auxiliaries finished and drying that I will post tomorrow. Then some Star Trek at the club. I also have some 45ish 28mm Celts and Imperial Romans primered and ready to paint. And the resumption of the post should bring me some commission work.


  1. Bob,
    Looking forward to seeing that star trek game at the club tomorrow...looks pretty cool.

  2. Yes, it seems really well put together. THe miniatures needing painting... but that will have to wait!