Friday, January 20, 2012

More FoW German Paratroops

This is the second batch of bases for a 15mm Flames of War commission.

This bunch includes a platoon of machine guns to support the infantry. Overall a nice unit but the MGs themselves had a fair bit of flash. Hard to tell what was flash and what was detail!

I quite like the fellow with the binoculars.

There is also a mortar platoon.

These fellows were nice to do and have a couple of bases of FOs as well as a command stand.

Up next: I'm just finishing the painting on some 6mm FPW (French are done; Bavarians need cuffs and collars and details. I should have these finished by the weekend). Then onto my trees and some 25mm Star Wars reinforcements.


  1. Great figures Bob.

    And looking forward to the 6mm FPW!

  2. Thanks Phil. I always forget how much I enjoy painting 6mm, especially ranked up fellows in standardized uniforms. The French uniforms are flashy; the Bavarians are all business.


  3. Thanks Ray. I'm surprised how quickly these went once I figured out the basic paint scheme. Uniform troops are so much easier than trying to paint hodge-podge units like Celts!