Tuesday, January 3, 2012

28mm Roman Auxiliaries

I starting to work my way through the remainders of projects to finish off figures I has set aside. First up this year are some 28mm Roman auxiliaries to supplement my Republican Romans.

These fellows represent slightly less well equipped troops--perhaps regional troops or frontier guards. The shields are hand-painted. Not great but I have done far worse! Thanks to Tim in Saskatoon and Joe in Calgary for the inspiration.

These are some extra figures from the Wargames Factory Caesar's Legions box. I mixed-and-matched heads from several other Wargames Factory boxes and also borrowed shields to create a less uniform look. What I really need to complete this army are some generic light troops (slingers, bowmen) from the Wargames Factory Numidian box but that will need to wait until I have cleared off some more older projects.

I also did up a single command base. Most of my Romans commanders are mounted as separate units on square bases for HoTT (where they can be used as a mounted hero or a lurker). I decided to just do these fellows as a straight-up command unit on a round base.

The commander is (I think) an Artizan Designs figure that I got to review back in 2008. The standard bearer and musician are Wargames Factory figures.

Up next: I'll be running a game of Star Trek Fleet Captains at the club tonight for four players. On the painting table, I have a bunch of Celts with the flesh and metal done as well as a bunch of Imperial Romans primered.


  1. Bob! Those shields look fantastic (as do the rest of the figures!)

  2. Shields and figures look great. Good job on the two-metal armour.

  3. The command figure is currently available from Gorgon, but it's very possible the figure was originally for sale from Artizan.

  4. Tim and Allan: Thanks--they turned out way better than the effort I put into them suggested they might! I was pretty happy with the shields. Impressionistic was what I was going for. And I was hoping they would look different (rougher, less uniform) from the legionnaires.

    CTF: Thanks. It was a long time ago and I think he came with crawling witch lady and perhaps another figure as a sampler. Glad to know the figure is still around.

  5. Great work on those figures - your shields turned out beautifully. Well done!


  6. Very nice painting Bob, just love them shields!

  7. Thanks guys--I just fiddled around some with two colours (one over top the other) and then dipped it. Glad it looks okay. I will try to be more inventive with the Celt shields in the batch I'm working on right now.