Saturday, April 22, 2017

Pandemic and Pulp Alley

No gaming for me this week but I have begun a large rebasing project (all of my 25mm Star Wars figures) that I hope to have done next week. 

I also spent some time pointing out superheroes for Pulp Alley. I then did up some gaming cards using pictures of my minis. Not a swanky as some of the beautiful stuff I have seen on the internet but functional enough.

My thought in pointing up these leagues was to do something asymmetrical (small group of skilled heroes versus larger group of lesser skilled baddies). I'm not sure of the scenario but I am thinking something along the lines of a heist (baddies must get X plot points in 6 turns) as the gang starts to build its reputation.  

Assuming this works out, then a four-player game with some kind of break out another few villains objective and Gotham's finest would be next.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Pandemic and Aurelian

Nice weather draws me out of the house and into the yard. But spring, being what it is, means there are still days when gaming is the only option!

At home, we've playing Pandemic Legacy. We're in May and faced our first loss. I had under-estimated the effect of the faded and had a hard time thinking strategy while remembering all of the new rules that have emerged. We need to play more often was our conclusion.

We managed to win our second game and make a number of roadblocks permanent in order to contain the mutating virus to North America (which is now deeply messed up). I think we also have a better selection of characters to help keep stuff under control.

Tuesday, I was out at Bruce's to conclude our Aurelian/Punic Wars campaign. This was a big battle in Gail between Hannibal and Scipio. I was the attacker and had to capture two objectives (the sheep) in order to win.

I decided my best play was to try to push around the right flank and then get my horses moving to bag both objectives. That meant refusing my left flank.

 I had good luck pushing around on the right. I had less luck containing Bruce push agains my left.

Some good (or lucky) card play allows me to get around behind Bruce before he ran my hand down by capturing my baggage.

Campaign-wise, this put Carthage in a bad economic position. Coupled with a political defection of an African province last time, we decided it was likely unwinnable for Carthage and called it.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pulp Alley at Club Night

We had 11 guys out at the club on Tuesday. Bruce hosted a game of Pulp Alley.

It was escort Mr. Big, with the cops and some supers having to tangle with the gangsters. Terry and I both got whittled down pretty quickly.

Craig spent much of the game collecting plot points in order to slow Mr. Big. He then boogied across the board to interrupt the last few moves of Mr. Big.

 This was pretty much the end game with Mr. Big stalled a fe winches short of the board edge. Great game.

Dave and Scott played a Norman-Saxon game (no idea of the rules).

Elliot and Kevin played what Kevin described as the worst game of Drop Ship Commander ever (Elliot was enjoying himself, though).

And Chen and Dan played a VSF steam punk game I missed the name of. Very cool toys, though.

Up next: Maybe some more 54mm toy soldiers.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Aurelian and Punic Wars

I dropped in on Bruce Tuesday to continue our Aurelian/Punic Wars campaign. The battle we had to fight was a botched invasion of Sicily by Carthage (thanks Poseidon!). Bruce was significantly outnumbered and the game was quick.

I pinned his light cavalry as best I could and moved forward with my legions. He tried to swing around with his cavalry but that came to nothing.

It was valiant but hopeless for Carthage. The casualties here transferred back to the board game and compounded his naval losses.

The upshot was a revolt by a province in North Africa and Rome finally came approximately even in production. I then made a naval attack in Sicily and lost a lot of boats (which, strategically, was the goal because maintaining the boats as hamstringing my ground game). Bruce the consolidated in southern France and I moved to occupy my new possession in North Africa.

We stopped the game with a huge Scipio v Hannibal battle in Gaul pending. When we reoslve that via miniatures next time, I'll then come back to finish my board game turn and build up forces to threaten him in Carthage. This week, though, we have a club night with Bruce bringing out Pulp Alley. I've pointed up some preliminary Batman leagues that I'd like to try out at home.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Pulp Alley and 54mm Highlanders

I actually made it out to a club night this past week! Bruce kindly hosted Terry and me in a game of Pulp Alley. A game mechanic are plot points and these figures below were placed about the table to indicate where these were.

Players contact a plot point to undertake a challenge and secure extra cards and/or meet victory conditions.

The game was a gangsters themed game. The cops had to escort Mr. Big across the table while the gangsters needed to get him alone and then resolve a plot point.

The cops were added by a variety of radio heroes, including the Shadow, the Green Hornet and Cato. In the end, the gangsters kind of goofed their way to victory (but we're not proud--a victory it was!).

Overall, fun mechanics. I wonder if it would work for Batman. At the other table, Dave hosted Scott and Craig in a 10mm Kursk game. Below, Craig is leading the motherland to a bloody victory.

I finished off a few more 54mm AWI guys, This time, I turned my brush to some highlanders from ATKMs. Nice figures. I wish I had the skills to do them justice.

There was about three times the detail on the highlanders (damned fabrics!) as on other figures so I only finished four of the eight figures. I think I am satisfied--I certainly won't be stripped them.

I have four more (including bagpiper) underway but have set them aside while I do a bunch of rebel militia (which go much faster!) and regain my patience.

Up next: I'm planning on gaming with Bruce this week. If I can find some time to read Pulp Heroes, I will also give some thought to a Batman game.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

54mm Hessian Jaegers

With life starting to return to normal, I found some time to paint this week. The only thing I finished were four Hessian Jaegers to round out the Hessian forces for Tricorne.

Despite a lot of work, these guys turned out quite plain! I had to lighten the coats a lot with layering as the original colour I chose was just way too dark. For whatever reason, my camera phone went mental with the red--it is not so vivid in person!

They are a touch bigger than the plastic Hessians who make up most of my force. But they fit in well enough and I quite like the short carbines.

Up next: The club this week is my goal. I have also been painting on some British Highlanders (so much fiddly detail!) and I based and primed 18 American rifle militia. The latter should go quickly with some washes.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

54mm British and Lego Star Wars

Life continues to conspire to keep me from the club but I did some painting this week. First up were four 54mm British light infantry to round out the figures I need for Tricorne.

I think the original I used as a guide is on the right. More or less close on the colours and level of washing. I also did four figures to round out the provincials I need. The original is in the middle (yellow hat trim). This required me to custom mix the coat colour. I think I did pretty well there.

I also received a shipment of Lego knockoffs from China. Vader, Saruman, and the AT-ST's are real but the rest are not. This might make an interesting Dragons Rampant army. Two units of heavy cavalry, three units of light, two units of foot/missile, and two heroes. Hmmm.  

Up next: I've got some more 54's under way: four hessian jaegers and eight Highlanders in kilts. Struggling a bit with the plaid.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Aurelian and Punic Wars

It has been a busy week, including a fairly spectacular fall on the ice that has left me hobbled (nothing major just a swollen knee so I can neither pedal nor clutch). But before that happened, I managed to get out to Bruce's to continue our Aurelian/Punic Wars campaign.

I knew this battle was going to be bad as Bruce had 50% more troops that I had. He also had good move cards at the beginning and pressured me on both sides. Nothing much came of the right flank--all of the real action was on the left.

Someinitial skirmishing gave way to a closing of the heavies. I managed to do a lot of damage bt not enough to stop Bruce so I switched tactics and tried to run myself out of cards as fast as I could to limit my own losses.

In the end, Carthage clearly held the field and I lost a lot of troops. Oh well!

We then switched back to the board game. Bruce continued to pressure in the north and I decided to let myself be besieged. Bruce also decided to cross from Carthage to Sicily in the south. Unfortunately, a naval battle went poorly for him and our next battle will be in the south where I will have a numerical advantage.

Campaign wise, the losses may also really affect the event roll and possibly cause some Carthaginian provinces to defect. But I could could still lose spectacularly on the field of battle so I'm not counting those chickens.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Dismounted 54mm dragoons

I had a bit of time to do some painting this week and I finished of a bunch of dismounted British dragoons in order to complete the mounted units I'll need for Tricorne.

I had four guys from A Call to Arms. I needed two more so I borrowed two fellows from a Revell box (I've painted these sculpts in 1/72 from Imex).

I had to scrape the "liberty" lettering off the front of the Revell caps. They will do as filler. I just needed some extra bodies that more or less finished off the units.

My vision for mounted units is one or two fellows on horse and the rest of the unit on foot. Some of that is about how many 54mm figures I can get in a 4-inch hex. And some is about cost and how much I loathe painting cavalry in this scale.

Up next: Some extra 54mm British lights and provincial infantry are drying. These figures will finish off some units in the Tricorne orbat. Then I have some highlanders in kilts and some Hessian jaegers. And then a whole mess of militia! The end is in sight. Tuesday is club night so I'm hopeful I'll get to play some more gangsters.