Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Last Celtic Reinforcements

These fellows are the last (ha!) of the extra Celts in my paint pile (excepting some attached to an unpainted Carthaginian army) and are 28mm Wargames Factory.

I did up a couple of bases of warband to flesh out the ranks some. There are a few odds and ends mixed in here (viking heads, weapons from various sets).

I tried to send a bit more time on the shields. Some I did some Celtic knot(ish) designs. Others I simply did some wet-on-wet mixing to give the shields some extra depth. I see a couple of fellows plundered some Roman dead for equipment.

I also knocked off two light horsemen to give the fellows some extra mobility. It is fun to see stuff moved from the "to-do" shelf to join the ranks of the painted.

Up next: I have a game of Maurice scheduled tonight and some 28mm Roman auxilia rolling off the production line. I have 500 points of FoW Germans that need prep and I plan to fiddle with some old bases of trees in the interim.

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