Saturday, July 14, 2018

28mm cultists and new dice!

This week I finished up some more 28mm cultists from GW. First up was a bunch of guys who like to play with fire.

Then the BSDM crowd with clubs and shackles and what not. Nice figures but happy to be coming to the end of them.

A few weeks back at Red Claw I picked up some new eight-sided dice. These will replace the ones I had from D&D in the early 80s that are almost impossible to read. Thanks to everyone who has suffered through Pulp Alley using the old dice!

Up next: Cultists, some historic forts, and some 54mm AWI.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Guilford Courthouse at the club

We had five guys out on a lovely July evening this week. Daniel hosted Terry in a game of Mythic Battles which had some pretty cool minis and terrain pieces.

Chen and Craig played a game of Tricorne against me. We chose Guilford Courthouse and they elected to play the rebellious scoundrels in blue. Below I believe they are looking at unit stats and saying "this militia REALLY sucks". 

The opening turns saw the British advance and try to pick up some quick kills against the first line of militia. The game required 10 banners to win and the Americans started with 3 temporary banners that they retained as long as I did not occupy any of the hill hexes on their base line so I had ground to make up right off.

Chen made a series of amazing morale rolls and the battered militia ran for the hills meaning much of the damage I inflicted did not convert into destroyed units.

Eventually I managed to put together an attack on the right to rout the American troops and start to turn the line. This took some time and Craig and Chen used that time to shore up some battered units and reform their remaining two lines.

I then use the Highlanders to start pushing into their second line from the right side while the main force slowly lumbered forward into shooting distance. I barely managed to hold off a counter attack on my left before coming to grips with the militia and finally scoring some kills.

I think the final score was 10-6 for the Brits. This is a tough scenario for the US and the militia are ridiculously brittle. The tension is using them to attrit British units and then get them out of the way so the British can break themselves on the regulars on the final line.