Monday, October 5, 2009

15mm Romano Brits

I picked up some extra 15mm Romano-Brits from Splintered Light Miniatures recently and, as part of painting them up, I rebased my own DBA army. The army comprises 13 bases. Borrowing a few Saxons allows me to do all options on the four lists.
The Cavalry (including General) are nice. They were slightly tricky to get on the bases because some of the spear poses are very dynamic.
The light cavalry is okay. I appreciate that there were separate poses for these and I'm pretty happy with the paint job.
The psiloi also turned out pretty well.
The core of the army is 8 units of spear.
Although there is no foot general option, I did put together a spear base with Arthur, Merlin, and cronies that turned out nicely.
I also like the variety of poses. This army has a mix of armoured (mail) warriors and unarmoured ones as per the photo below.
And then a themed Barker marker. The camp is also a stone henge theme.
Up next: Well, some 1/72 fantasy is just about based up (some elven and human skirmishers) and a crap load of dwarves are primered and off gassing at the back door. But next will likely be a second Romano-Brit all options army for sale.

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