Sunday, October 18, 2009

1/72 Dwarves--scads of them

Long time no update, all because I decided to paint two boxes of Caesar dwarves all at once. Damn, 100 dwarves is a lot of little guys!

I started with two stands of shooters. The boxes had two missile poses: with crossbow and with musket. I was looking for seven or eight figures to a stand so I decided to just mix the two poses up, rather than have one stand of gunners and one of crossbows.
I then based up the remainder as heavy infantry. I ended up with 9 on a base and I think the effect is pleasing.
Gives the forces of good some umpff when they tackle those of evil. I was trying to figure out why I liked the dwarves so much and it dawned on me that they have the proportions common to most metal figures (sorry Chen!).
I also did my first command base: a dwarven standard bearer, two commanders and a stone marker.
On Saturday I popped over to Craig's and had two quick games of Memoir '44. It has been awhile since I played WW2 and I quite enjoyed the simplicity of Memoir. Clear decisions, limited mechanics to recall, interesting scenarios.
Up next: Club night is Tuesday. I'm inclined to play in Bruce's DBHX Franco-Prussian War game but will bring along The War of 1812 block game by G2G in case we need an extra game. On the paint table is a 15mm medieval DBA army. A real mix of figures (Falcon, AD&D Battlesystems, Essex) that I got as two job lots. And then there are 150 1/72 goblins (Caesar, Dark Alliance) that need painting to bring most of my fantasy painting to a close.


Chen-song said...

Heh heh. I totally agree that metal figures often have the proportions of dwarves. :)

Bob Barnetson said...

Oh, most unkind sir! But true.

Andrew said...

Very charming! I saw a recent post comparing Splintered Light 15mm and Caesar 1/72 Dwarves. They seem like they could match up well for a little variety in the ranks.