Monday, October 5, 2009

15mm Sub-Roman British DBA army for sale


I have for sale the following 15mm all-options Sub-Roman British (II/81a, b, c, d) DBA 2.2 army for sale. It has been painted and based by me and comes from a smoke and pet-free home. The miniatures are by Splintered Light, excepting the psiloi which were produced by Museum Miniatures. The army comprises 16 bases (8x4Ax/4Sp, 3x3Cv/3Kn, 1x2KH, 1x2Ps, 3x4Wb), 1 Barker marker and 1 camp.
The core of the army are 8 bases of armoured warriors, serving a 4Sp or 4Ax (depending on the list).
Here is a close-up of the front of one base. All figures are well sealed and have been painted with acrylics on top of a black undercoat and then given a brown/black wash.
And the same base from behind.
There are all 3 bases of armoured horse, serving as 3Cv or 3Kn. These units include a standard bearer (center) to act as General. I actually prefer these bases to those in my own army as there is more variation in horse colour.
There is one base of 2Ps.
There is also one based of 2Lh.
Finally, there are three bases of Saxons (with appropriate shields) based as 4Wb.
These are proper Saxon figures from Splintered Light. They may seem like a good idea to include in your army now but they look kind of land-hungry to me.
The camp is 80x80mm and includes two sod buildings and a wall. The buildings are from Irregular Miniatures. I used GW static grass to match the new Citadel grass mats.
Finally, the army comes with a themed Barker Marker: two horse men against a henge stone. Sorry about the glare on the shield.
This is a nicely balanced army to play with lots of mobility one either side of a solid core of troops. I'm asking $90. Shipping in Canada or the US is $5. Shipping to the UK is $10. Payment by paypal. Email me at .

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