Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1/72 Goblin Skirmishers and Elven Heavy Infantry

Fresh off the painting bench are three bases of goblin meat shields... errr... skirmishers.

These are Caesar 1/72 figures and are the last of the goblins! Just in time for a slew of Orcs from Mark on club next Tuesday plus a small order of stuff from the Michigan Toy Soldier Company.
I also did a few Elven heavy infantry. Because of the large number of bow poses in the Caesar elf box, there are relative few infantry poses. It looks a bit like synchronized swimming. Oh well.
I was happy with how the standards turned out.
Up next: On the bench right now are some 15mm Romano Brits. These are coming along quite well. Splintered Light Miniatures does some very nice stuff. Then back to the fantasy stuff (human and elf skirmishers). I'm hoping to get the rest of my 1/72 plastics cleared out to make way for some Orcs. I'm hopeful to have enough figures done to run a game in November.


Andrew said...

I like all these 1/72 fantasy armies you have. These are for HOTT, right? Are the bases 30mm deep? I painted some off these Caesar goblins singly (on my blog). I have been planing on making DBA armies for LOTR using the same Caesar, Dark Alliance, Zvezda models.

JohnM said...

Just found your blog, and congrats on the superb painted Caesar fantasy figures, they look really nice.

I'm working on using some of those Caesar figures for some fantasy skirmish gaming myself, the figures are a real pleasure to paint.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks for your comments. They are based on 80mm bases so could well be used for double-sized HoTT. Base-depth varies some between 40mm and 80mm, depending on the unit.

I'm actually in the midst of converting Basic Impetus for LotR--trying to get magic a bit more abstract than the fantasy Basic Impetus sets that are currently under construction on the web.

The figures are quite nice. I heard that a second set of releases would be coming but so far no news. I should be getting one box of each of the Dark Alliance Orcs on Tuesday so I'm keen to open them up and start painting. In the meantime, I will be basing up some 15mm Romano Brits (painting finished last night).

Andrew said...

Does Dark Alliance have two orc sets? I thought it was just the one box.

Bob Barnetson said...

They just released a second set--this one has some bows in addition to melee troops.