Saturday, October 24, 2009

15mm DBA Teutonic Army For Sale


I have for sale a painted, all-options 15mm DBA Teutonic Orders army (IV/30, 1201AD - 1522AD). These fellows are suitable for protecting pilgrims in Outremer or mucking about in central and eastern Europe.
The army comprises 50 figures on 14 bases plus a camp and themed barker marker. I'd like $85 (shipping is free in Canada and the US) via PayPal. I would also consider items in trade (unpainted 15mm ancients) or a mix of cash and trade.

This army includes a 3Kn General with banner. These figures are a mix of Falcon and AD&D Battlesystems (of all things). The banners and pennants are all hand painting on tinfoil ($%#&@!) to get an appropriate thickness.
There are also three 3Kn units for added punch, although their impetuousness can be a challenge to manage! Each unit has at least one fellow with a pennant.
There is also one 3Cv base and two 2LH (mix of Falcon, AD&D and Essex).
The Teutonic Order was always small and fielding an army usually entailed pulling together some locals and mercenaries. The rabble include two 4Cb units. The figures are a mix of Falcon and Essex. Note each base has three crossbow men and a spearman.
For some additional variety, there is one 3Ax unit (good in bad going and fleet to foot), one 4Sp unit, and one 2Ps.
Then there are two 7Hd bases. I know most folks hate hordes, but they are fantastically useful at locking up enemy troops and they cannot be destroyed by "closing the door" as they never recoil. These fellows are a mix of manufacturers (Essex, Falcon and a couple of mystery figures), each one led by a priest.
There is a camp with wooden cross. Buildings and wall (at the back) are metal from Irregular.
There is also a themed Barker marker with two figures (AD&D and Falcon).
All figures were hand painted by me with acrylics over a black undercoat and then sealed. The bases are sanded, sealed, drybrushed, flocked with GW static grass, and some woodland scenics bushes. All from a smoke- and pet-free home (if that is important to you).

You can contact me at if you are interested.

Next up: Some 1/72 fantasy command bases and trolls. And, shortly thereafter some 1/72 orcs. Then maybe another 15mm Roman DBA army for sale.


tim said...

Holy crap, Bob! You are an Army Painting Machine!?

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes. Sadly the rest of my life receives less attention (witness the garden!). Now onto Orcs as soon as I finish the Xmas lights. Daughter will be helping so maybe she can string up the peak of the roof? :)

K.D. Nielson said...

I really like the look of the army, do you have any other, if you do give me a shout on