Wednesday, October 28, 2009

War of 1812 Beat-down!

I popped over to Bruce's last night. We decided to play the 1993 version of The War of 1812. We had previously played Bruce's vintage copy from 1973 or 1975. I pinched these images from BGG as my camera batteries have died.
The "new" rules altered naval warfare (for the better, I think), how Indian allies worked, and added in cavalry units. It also slightly changed how activation worked (a competitive die roll each turn determined which side went first, allowing double impulses). The map was also a bit prettier than the original game.
I had a horrific first game. I'm always a bit too aggressive this game. Combined with some bad die rolls, it was all over in the first year for the British. Yes, we're all speaking "American" now. Sorry, eh!

We switched sides for game two and I lost again, this time due to bad strategy (versus Bruce's good strategy). Maybe next time I'll swipe his reading glasses so I can have some sort of advantage!
Bruce liked the competitive die roll for the game. I'm not sure yet. The cavalry were of little consequence. I understand an even newer version of the game contains artillery. I often worry that gamers tend to crap up games with additional detail so I'm pretty leery of this change.

Next up: Some 1/72 fantasy. I painted up about 80 orcs the other day and just need to finish one last batch and given them a wash tonight. Then onto basing. I also put a bunch of 15mm Goblins on paint sticks for a HoTT army I'm going to paint up and sell.

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