Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 20th Games Night

Last night was club night and we had six guys playing two games. Dave C. brought out a lovely looking game of Warhammer Ancient Battles using 28mm figures.
The scenario was the Battle of Hasting, with Chris and Chen playing the Saxons and Dave and Scott playing the Normans. All good fun until someone loses an eye.
There was a fair bit of caterwauling but I'm not sure who won. I think the Normans.
Note Dave's excellent Norman musician!
Bruce ran a 15mm game of DBHx with French and Prussian armies tangling.
Each side started with a corp on the board and another corp moving (on a die roll) off the board to an unknown (to the other guy) and variable entry point.
I played the French and await the Prussian main assault on the east side of the board. Towards the middle, a bloody skirmish developed. I was sure I was going to break Bruce's first corp before his second arrived, especially once my second corp arrived right behind the first.
But then I had a tough run of luck and my own first corp broke and retreated. Leaving me to redeploy the arriving second corp to try and finish off his first corp while facing a developing threat on my western flank. In the end, Bruce managed to push me over the edge ahead of himself and the French were driven from the field in disarray. Great reinforcement mechanic in the making there!
Next games night is Tuesday, November 3. Dave indicated he would run a WW2 game using the Rules of Engagement. Room for more games. And more players!

Up next: Probably a 15mm Teutonic DBA army by the end of the week. painting is about done so just basing. Then onto some 1/72-scale Orcs!

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