Saturday, October 31, 2009

1/72 Command Stands

This weekend I also finished off the fantasy command stands. First up are the bad guys, with a mix of Caesar (general, standard bearer) and Dark Alliance (drummer, horn blower) figures.
I think this base turned out quite nicely. The drums are shaped like skulls (hard to see in the photo). I have figures for a couple of more bases and will get around to them later. This base joins the dwarf general I did last week.
The good army also has a Gandalf stand. Sorry the photo turned out so blurry.
You get a better sense of it from the much crisper rear view.
There is also an Elf stand (meh--not the greatest poses).
And finally a Rohan stand using Zvezda and Emhar figures.
Up Next: Club night is Tuesday so hopefully there is something good to play there! I have some 15mm Goblins on the painting table for a HoTT army I'm going to sell. Then maybe some more 15mm Romans? We'll see.


Andrew said...

Looking good! The not-Gandalf model is one of the random poses, isn't it? Congrats on getting a box with him!

Bob Barnetson said...

Not sure if he is random or not; of the three boxes I've seen each has had him. Do you need one? I have a spare I think.