Sunday, March 18, 2012

More renaissance plus war pig in progress

It was been a slow week gaming-wise, with some distractions at work and in the garden. I've also been prepping a War of 1812 game of Maurice. But I have been putting in a few minutes a day at the painting table.

While there are a couple of dozen more renaissance figures in various stages of painting, these four swordsmen were ready to base so I finished them to show some progress!

These are GW empire figures I got in a job lot. Nice enough figures with no particular historical paint scheme beyond "really festive".

I've also been working on a Malifaux commission. I have built some hill-billy goblins and am just starting the painting. Last night I told my wife I would "be there in a minute, I'm dry brushing some pig flesh while trying to avoid the dynamite" so I thought I would show WIP. Nothing special--just have the basic flesh colour blocked in but the sculpt is hilarious.

Up next: More renaissance and hill-billy goblins plus a game of Maurice at the club (Battle of Chrysler's Farm).

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