Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First full game of Maurice

Bruce and I both ordered the full Maurice rules on the weekend and got the pdf in our inboxes to tide us over until the hardback rules are ready. We decided to give the full rules a go with an Austrian v Prussian game last night.

Bruce trotted out some new Zuzzy hills he'd bought and painted and the promptly entrenched his Austrians upon them. I entered from the left of the shot. I decided to stay in column and throw a cavalry probe around behind his lines to see if I could bag the camp he'd set up.

No such luck as he met my cavalry with his own and then threw a unit of foot onto the flanks to pick me to pieces. What a trouncing!

I figured the game was over but decided to spring part two of my plan anyhow. So I deployed the Prussian into a long line overlapping the right side of his line and sent them forward.

I managed to brush off a couple of cavalry units at the cost of a cannon and a foot and then my luck got hot.

Things were close, however, as I was within one unit of losing the whole time. There was a lot of frantic rallying as I mounted the hill, turned his line and surged forward to bag a unit, which brought him within two points of breaking.

Then I played (for the second time that night) a "sharpshooter" card which caused him to lose two morale points and his force to break. Bruce was very gracious in defeat, given he had completely out played me all evening.

All told, the full rules played well and the changes improved the game, I think. I am keen to see the rest of the cards and rules and us a few more minor nobles to get a sense of the thicker command system. Boy, having a captain who can move 4 base-widths each turn for free is a huge advantage.

Up next: I have some 28mm hill-billy goblins and small 1/72 warehouse on the go.


  1. Thanks for the write up. Look forward to seeing more. Just waiting on my book and cards to arrive.

  2. No sweat; it is quite a fun game! I think we're still a ways out on the rules and cards but the full card set is available for download so you can play with the pdf.

  3. Hey Bob, my friend and I have played the "Lite" version a couple of times now and we feel this game is elegant. Simple to learn and clean but it is subtle and a steep learning curve for mastery. I think the game is brilliant and can't wait for the full version to arrive. Days away now! I hope more people include battle reports on their blogs as I will and we need more scenarios!!! Thanks for this report. Great armies!


  4. Thanks Frank; I'm keen to see my own copy (currently in the post). And yes, I will post battle reports when we get to play it!