Sunday, March 4, 2012

1/72 AWI odds and ends

I finished up what I thought were the last of the 1/72 AWI this weekend (although I just discovered a few more that had fallen off the tray prior to priming). These are (I think) Imex figures that I got from Justin.

I've based them from DBHx on 60mm frontages but they would also work for Clash for a Continent. The painting shelf is starting to look nicely barren!

The colour of the bare figures was an eye-searing red (as I assume for out-of-the-box play for kids against the blue American troops). Despite spraying with a good primer, I see that the red was not full covered and I'll need to go back and touch up. I so much prefer grey or buff coloured plastic!

Up next: I have some 1/72 War of 1812 militia that I rebased. And some 1/72 British Dragoons underway. And I've just started on a batch of 40 28mm renaissance guys. I also have a commission incoming (Malifaux?) that I'm looking forward to seeing.


  1. Nice work, Bob. I like the choice of green accents.

  2. Thanks. Yes, green or yellow seem to make a nice accent; less so blue. Must have something to do with contrasting and complementary colours but I can't recall enough colour theory from high school to know for sure!