Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maurice 1812: Chrysler's Farm

Bruce and I hosted a game of Maurice last night, using Chrysler's Farm as the War of 1812 scenario. Maurice is not meant to go that late but we thought wed give it a try anyhow. We added in a gunboat and guessed at the rules of irregulars (Indians).

The gunboat acted like two cannons, activated any time the British player declared a bombard with any cannon and was activated to move by march orders with any card (no distance calculation). If the gunboat was within 4BWs of the enemy, it could also engage in firefights.

The picture below shows the battlefield before things began. The British are at the far end, protecting a geographic point (represented by a pig pen you can just barely see in the distance in the photo below). The Americans could win by occupying the pig pen. The British could win by killing 10 (of roughly 20) American units.

The British regulars (4 units), elite (2 units) and cannon (2 units) started anywhere up to 1/3rd of the way in. The British Indian allies (4 units) and up to one of the regular foot could start 2/3rds of the way into the board. The gunboat could start anywhere. The Americans (8 regular, 7 conscript, 4 cannon, 1 dragoon) started anywhere up to 12 inches from their edge (foreground).

Americans rushed up the board in column, leaving their cannon and dragoons behind. This would be a problem later on! They then formed line but did so too far apart to have the lines move together! As a post AWI option, we might want the ability to come out of line forward or to move in mass (attack column style)--fairly easy things to work into the rules.

Here, the American dragoons are chopping at the bit. They never did see action, but did a great job of holding down the flank.

While Scott annoying held up the main American advance, Guy sprung his Indians out of the woods and onto the American militia. Bruce gamely fought him off but there were lots of casualties on either side.

Eventually Bruce stabilized the American flank and we turned to move forward to take the pig pen. We bagged a couple of units of British regulars but then ran into the meat grinder of the British grenadiers. It was horrible! Even with Scott's terrible rolling he chewed through unit after unit.

Eventually, attrition told and the Americans were forced to withdraw. A historical outcome! This was the third set of rules I've played this game with and I think this was the best play through. The preliminary stages went quickly (a fast march up the table), the Indians jumped out of the woods and put the hurt on the militia before breaking, and the British regulars and grenadiers beat the snot out of the boys in blue. All managed in about 2 hours, including rules explanation.

Up next: Some more 28mm renaissance.


Ubique said...

Nice report and pictures. Good looking game.


Ferb said...

I enjoyed the report & found it useful as I'm considering buying Maurice.

Brent said...

Thanks for the report. High praise for Maurice -- your opinion seems as favorable as ever.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys. It was a good game: quick, painless, no fiddly parts, a historical outcome. We even had fun! This rules might not be for everyone (no rules are) but we've played nothing but Maurice since Xmas; this is a huge change,being die-hard DBHx players until then.