Monday, March 5, 2012

1/72 War of 1812 odds and ends

Moving some dusty figure boxes about to locate unpainted figures, I ran across six War of 1812 figures that I'd previously painted but then based on 120mm frontages. Perhaps I was dabbling with a War of 1812 version of Impetus?

Anyhow I peeled them off the old base and put them on 60mm frontage for DHBx. These are old Airfix ACW figures (sculpted in the 1960s) which are fine for US militia in 1812.

Up next: There is club night on Tuesday. I finished painting about 10 28mm renaissance archers yesterday--just need to touch up and base. I have some 1/72 AWI dragoon half painted and some more 28mm renaissance (halbred and sword) primered and ready to start.


  1. Good work Bob - love the basing too!

  2. Thanks Monty! The airfix shucked a tiny bit of paint when I popped them off but otherwise I think they are a great little set for filling in militia ranks.