Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maurice 1760: Ste Foy

This is the second Maurice scenario Bruce McFarlane asked me to post for him.

Background: 28 April, 1760
Without winter clothing, the British suffered through the harsh Canadian winter. Survey and malnutrition thinned their ranks. In spring, General de Levis returned with a rejuvenated French army. The Battle of Ste Foy was a virtual repeat of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham that took place in 1759.

The attacking French sent the British into a rout. They took refuge inside the walls of Quebec and waited for relief. The fate of New France would hang on which navy made it up river, after the spring breakup.

The battlefield is 40 base-widths wide and 46 base-widths tall.

There are two escarpments on the battlefield denoted by grey lines at the top and bottom of the map. Both are impassable to all troops, except via a road.

The French are the attackers. They begin with eight cards. The French set-up in the blue French Deployment Zone on the left side of the map.

The British are the defenders. They begin with six cards. The British set-up in the red British Deployment Zone in the middle of the map.

The British had suffered through a Canadian winter. Malnutrition and scurvy had thinned their ranks. Before the game roll a die for each Regular battalion in the British army. On a roll of “1” or “2” the battalion is reduced to “Conscript” status, for the entire game.

Advanced Rules in Play
• All Guns Bombard
• Oblique Movement
• Field Works (the British may place two 4BW sections of field works within their Setup Zone during setup)

French Order of Battle
8 Trained Regular Infantry
3 Conscript Regular Infantry (Montreal and Trois Rivieres militia)

Army Morale: 6

British Order of Battle
1 Elite Regular Infantry (78th Highlanders)
8 Trained Regular Infantry
1 Trained Irregular Infantry (Rodgers Rangers)

Army Morale: 5

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