Wednesday, March 7, 2012

EWG Club Night March 6

We had a dozen guys out at the club last night. There were four guys playing Warmahordes, including newcomer Scott. I think we three guys named Scott our last night, almost beating our record of four Bruce's in one evening from 2008.

There were also five guys playing/watching Saga. I don't know what happened here but there was quite a post-game discussion of some unlikely die rolling that lead to the defeat of the Spanish "Normans" (Normandes?).

Bruce hauled out a game of Maurice where we played with two guys per side (Bruce playing both hands of one side). You can see the set up below, with the Russians/Austrians in the foreground facing the Prussians (I think) across the battlefield.

Bruce came forward with his right (foreground) and got stomped while a cavalry charge petered out on his left (background). He did, however, bag a bunch of cannon in the middle which put Guy and I in the soup somewhat. Note the reserve Russian infantry which has deployed in two lines on the right side, near the dice. Also note, on the far left behind the house Bruce's main attack readying its advance in column.

Bruce then drove forward with his main attack and deployed in front of our lines and began grinding Guy's troops (Guy rolled amazingly well all night!). In the meantime, the reserve (by the trees in the picture below) has moved forward, passing over the bodies of our brave cannon crews and broken the centre of Bruce's line. At this point, both sides were within one unit loss of breaking.

As Bruce pushed forward his grenadiers to snap up one of Guy's units, the reserves formed column, moved behind Bruce's line ("hey, whose that behind us, guv'n'r?") and was ready to charge Bruce in the rear. Pre-empting that, Bruce charges forward, taking and losing a unit at the same time. So we called the game a draw.

All told, very dramatic. I'm now sure what it was like from Guy's and Bruce's perspectives, but I saw a reserve actually used to fill a hole in the line (it was ready even before the hole appeared), break an attack, get disordered, re-order and maneuver to outflank the main attack and turn the tide. Honestly, I've never see a game that allows you to do that!

Up next: I'm painting some renaissance figures. I have a bunch of 28mm archers done but they are, frankly, awful looking. I may just throw them out. I have a bunch of foot which are much better looking even though only half painted.


  1. Bob, because I am a nerd, I did the mathhammer on my Saga misfortune.

    The El Normandes knights charged a group of Welsh levy rolling 15 dice needing 3+ to hit, we got 2 hits. The probability of that or a worse result is 0.00003 using a binomial expansion.

    The levy rolled 5 dice needing 5+ to hit, and got 3 hits. They get 3 or better with a probability of 0.20.

    If you combine the two events the odds of that outcome are approximately 1 in 150,000.

    Terry should have bought a lottery ticket on the way home.

  2. Ah, sort of "arrow in Harold's eye" kind of odds! At least it was dramatic!

  3. You know what it was, I usually play Normans and I suck. Apparently my luck is linked to the Normans so by default you're auto-cursed.