Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Board games with Bruce

I popped over to Bruce's last night to commence our regular "non-club night" Tuesday gaming for the fall. Bruce had purchased a Franco-Prussian War hex-and-counter game (le Guerre de 1870) from Vae Victis for us to try.
I played France and my goal was to bottle up the Prussians. We called it after two turns--lots of work and not very elegant mechanics.
Nice counters but a bit hard to read!
Then Bruce pulled out the 1972 game War of 1812 and we had a blast. Point-to-point movement, difficult decisions, simple mechanics. All told a great gaming experience and what a contrast.
I wonder if hex-and-counter games don't substitute busy-work for good game design that focuses on strategy and simple mechanics. That is certainly my impression of most hex games--you spend a lot of effort doing staff work and not much time is left over for being the CnC.

I await word of the outcome of the first turn of Tim Brown's campaign. Identities are all hush hush so I can't say much. But I'm hopeful my plan worked out!

Up next: Probably some more pictures of further War Room progress. Maybe some 1/72s in progress. Looks like the EWG is back on for gaming on September 15th!

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