Wednesday, September 16, 2009

15mm DBA Romans for Sale SOLD!

I have just completed at 15mm DBA Marian Roman army (with all options) and would like to sell it. I'm asking $55 plus $5 postage in Canada or the US. The figures are all Museum Miniatures and have been painted and based by me in a non-smoking, pet-free home.
There are 55 figures on 16 bases. Above you can see the general stand (Bd). Below, you can see an example of the 8 legion stands (Bd).
Here they are from the back.
There is one stand of 3Ax (below) and one stand of 4Ax (not shown--forgot to take a picture of them).
There are also two stands of Psiloi.
There are three mounted units. An optional mounted general (Cv).
Another 3CV.
And a 2LH.
The static grass is from Games Workshop and matches the new Citadel gaming mat. All are painted with acrylics and sealed. Here is a shot of the whole army (including the missing 4Ax stand).
You can contact me at about purchasing these fellows.


tim said...

Ah, but were they painted in a PEANUT FREE home!?

Bob Barnetson said...

No. Hell, I could hardly get the paint to stick to them for the peanut butter grease. Had to use that automotive primer.