Monday, September 7, 2009

1/72 Rohan Medium Cavalry

After some fiddling, I completed three of the four bases of Rohan medium cavalry I intend to do. The other base needs to wait for a few more horses to arrive. Although Mark mentioned some Dark Alliance orcs had arrived, so I may jump back to evil for awhile to get them done up.
The figures are Zvezda Russian knights with the crest-shaped shields carved off and extra shields from the Zvezda Viking set glued on.
Overall, this simple conversion went well, with only one really ugly result.
Where the glue had some difficult finding adequate purchase, I let some Future floor wax run into the gap and that seems to have adequately reinforced the bond.
Then I did a quick paint job over a black primer. Washed with future and based. All told, a fairly quick job of cavalry (which I dislike).
Up next: Some 1/72 elven bow and a game of DBHx with Bruce.

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