Sunday, September 27, 2009

6mm Baccus German horsemen

In anticipation of a Teutoburg Vald double-header at the club on October 6th, I've finally based up my 6mm Baccus German horsemen. They have been popped off their old bases for awhile now and awaiting my attention.
I used two different conventions (12 men and 9 men) on 80x80mm bases, thereby creating units that could be used together as a single type or could represent light and medium horse. Bases are floor tile, sanded, grassed and flocked. All hail the Future floor wax.
I also based up nine old Heroics Ros celtic chariots. These were among the first 6mm minis I ever painted. They are quiet awful, both as figures and as paint jobs. I thought about stripping them, but then decided I would rather replace them at some point with Baccus or Rapier sculpts and just rebased them with the rest.
Here are the first scenario Scott has planned for October 6th.
And the second.
Next up: With Christmas lights up, window screens down and beets pickled, I'm almost ready to get back at it. I've been picking away at some 15mm Romano-Brits to sell but they are a ways off. And I've also been painting up some more 1/72 fantasy. Should have some goblin skirmishers and elvish heavy infantry done this week.

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