Saturday, October 4, 2014

More 10mm sci-fi

I've almost finished a 10mm Dropship Commander commission for Craig. These units are for the Scourge faction. Craig asked me to mirror a "brass" paint scheme in the rule book. That is a tall order as the craft paints I use do a crap job at metals.

After some dithering, I found a nice primer+spray copper. After a quick coat, I started detailing with a dry brush of gold. Then some sliver detailing with green eyes. Then the dip. Of course, the reflective properties of the metallic paint make it a bitch to get a good picture!

Anyhow, these look nicer in the end than the pictures suggest. There is some nice shading and highlighting.

The drop ships have flight stands but I have not put these one--the clear plastic will doubtlessly break in transit so Craig can roll the dice with that sprue when these get to him!

Up next: I am still working on six bases of infantry to complete the source force.I also have a bunch of 54mm artillery that is almost done. And the club is Tuesday.

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