Monday, October 20, 2014

Last of the 15mm late war French

A few last minute reinforcements turned up for this French WW2 force and I managed to complete them this weekend. First up were three jeeps (I presume these are FOO or command stands for the guns?).

Nice models--lots of options so they can all look different. The other bunch were some HMGs. These were an early-war US force using the Vickers HMG--who will work as late-war French. The owner gave me some brick walls to work into the bases.

One issue was that there are supposed to be four HMG bases but the pack came with only three gunners. This is pretty much the worst kind of packing error--how can you have an HMG with no gunner (especially since the tripod for the gun is integral to his base)?

There was an extra guy in the pack (advancing with a rifle) so, after some fretting, I nipped off his rifle barrel and glued on the barrel of the Vickers. I then swapped around poses with the (unpictured) command base) to create a section that was advancing. This is an imperfect fix (I expect the HMG is hard to carry this way!) but what can you do?

Up next: Club night tomorrow then maybe a game with Bruce on Thursday before back to another set of 15mm WW2 guys.

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