Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rebasing 6mm done!

Starting back in 2009, I began the process of rebasing all of my 6mm troops from 40x20mm bases to 80x40mm bases. I finished most of this last year but there was a lingering box of Greek pikes. I finally sucked it up and did them.

These are Baccus with nipped off straight pins for pikes. I did 20-odd bases of these the other night, one set with the gold shields and one set with the blue. That is 700 and some figures all told. If things work out, these fellows will be on their way to a new home, freeing up a huge amount of shelf space for new projects.

Up next: Assuming I can get away from gardening and cycling, I'm looking to finish a 28mm HYW army. I'm not sure what comes after that. I have some more 1/72 from the auction this weekend that could be used to supplement my War of 1812 and AWI troops. There is also a house that would make a nice camp for my dark age armies. Or maybe some superhero repaints? I also just got a box of stuff for a 15mm commission that I should open up tonight and see what is what.


  1. Bob, is there any particular battle of the War of 1812 you're planning on doing?

  2. You've done a great job on the basing, they look very nice! It's always difficult rebasing, espeacilly 6mm!

  3. Scott; Thanks. You know, there are maybe 20 battles in the whole war which are suitable for element-based fighting so I'd like to do them all over the next three years, starting with the 1812 battles in 2012. But a good question for planning purposes. Do you have a favourite?

    Ray: Thanks. Yes, tricky to rebase without ruining the minis. Glad to be done with that task. Never again.