Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May 3 Club Night

We had seven guys out last night with two games running. It appeared to be fantasy night at the club as Dave brought his Elves and Kevin brought his lizards and they double teamed Scott's demons in The Battle of PottyMouth Pass.

Chen, Jonathan, Terry and I gave my revised MayDay game another try and this time it worked (stripping out all of the cool ideas and just running a straight fight...).

You can see that events are transpiring in a very dark forest somewhere on the Rhine, with the far Romans caught away from their camp by a group of undead warriors.

Terry had good luck tangling with the Romans on the left flank but things did not go so well on the right. He likely could have used a few more of the troops I took to contain the helmeted goons in their fortress.

Luckily, the dice were hot for the undead at the fortress and I managed to break the Roman command there. This freed up some guys to help shore up Terry's flank although a lucky knight attack on the Roman stronghold actually bagged the game. It was bloody close at the end. Then we went for pie.

Up next: Well, MayDay is Saturday.I have one game ready to go (except I need to nail down the scenery). And I have another game to prep from scratch (ack!). And I have some HYW English on the painting table. The treasury is running a bit low so everyone bring your wallets to the auction so we can keep dues low. There look to be some really good items up for bids.


  1. Agree Bob! Here's to a successful Mayday auction!

  2. I didn't realize that Kevin's lizards acutally were carrying a Lego standard. That explains a few things.

    Sorry about the PottyMouth behaviour. I think I needed to vent a lot of steam and felt much better afterwards. Especially after finally dispatching that ugly &%$#^&#@% Kanarak in a duel!!! Elven steel rocks!

  3. I'm not offended by swearing! Glad you guys had a good time--it is funny to see grown men lament their dice rolling so eloquently.