Tuesday, May 24, 2011

28mm HYW English

After some dithering in garden, I managed to complete the core elements of my HYW English army. This supplements the archers I finished in early May.

First up are four bases of blades which were made from the remainder of the Perry plastic bill-and-bow box. The banner is also nicked from there although it is a WotR banner. Good enough for the girls I game with and certainly better than anything I could do by hand.

There are also three bases of knights. On the left we have some old metal fellows I got in a trade. I upgraded their shields but otherwise did not meddle. The centre and rights bases are GW metal riders on plastic Bretonnian horses. These fellows need some decals on their shields and would look better with some colours streamers on their lances.

The light troops include a base of psiloi (GW Bretonnian bowmen) and a base of spear (Perry plastics).

I also put together this huge mortar from the miscellaneous box. They need a crew man with a torch--I will add that when I find an extra figure laying about. Below is the camp, constructed from pieces of an old Airfix Robin Hood castle.

Up next: A 15mm Philistine DBA army is rolling of the benches (maybe tomorrow, maybe not). Then onto some 15mm early Hebrews an some 28mm Normans.


Ray Rousell said...

Some very nice figures!!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Ray. The Perry stuff is lovely. I find all armour a bit difficult (mentally) to paint--I much prefer cloth.

Unknown said...

very good job. The Perry figures seem to be great (I'm a 10 and 15mm guy)