Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hastings with Battlelore

We had nine guys out at the club last night with two games running. I hosted Terry, Jonathan, Matthew and Scott in a game of Battlelore. I used a Hastings 1066 scenario, with each side having six cards and six banners.

The opening game saw the Normans (right) rush their cavalry forward on each flank. Things then bogged down a bit in the cards but eventually the Normans were able to work their way around the flanks of the Saxons.

The Saxons have a huge incentive to stay on the hill. Eventually the Normans picked up the necessary six banners to win while holding the Saxons to two. A tricky game for the Saxons as they must be very patient and also have the right cards at the right time to rush forward for a win.

The second game was very different, with the Normans rushing forward on their right flank and a huge amount of horse dying trying to push the Saxons off the hill hex pictured below. The Saxons were again patient but, between the mauling of the Norman cavalry and a quick rush off the hill into melee at the end, managed to eek out a 6-5 victory.

I'm not sure the command mechanic worked quite perfectly. And the scenario didn't give the Saxons a lot of options. Perhaps something more flexible next time, like Stamford Bridge? Figures are 28mm plastics: Conquest Games horse and Wargames Factory foot.

Dave hosted Chen, Barry and Carl (CARL!) in a reprise of Dave's CCN MayDay game. There were two plays of this and, based on the appeals to a higher power, Barry did not have much luck. I left before the final game was finished, but it was down to a single unit to win it for either side.

Up next: I have some HYW that are almost done (just need another hour of painting before basing them) and some 15mm Philistines that are glued to paint sticks and I will primer them tonight. Then some 28mm Norman foot and then another 15mm DBA army.

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