Sunday, March 7, 2010

1/72-scale AWI Indians Based

With a few minutes this weekend, I managed to base up the 1/72-scale Indians I painted.

These are Italeri figures and there are 16 poses repeated three times each. This is a nice distribution with no poses that struck me as really bad or useless.

I gave them a quick paint+Future priming, then quickly painted them and gave them the dip to bring up the details. The details was sufficient that most of the figures turned out pretty well. The large amount of buckskin made the painting choices fairly simple--almost like a uniformed group.

Basing is my usual floor-tile+sand and rocks approach with some static grass and shrubs.

I wondered about adding a few trees to these bases but then decided against it.

Up next: I finished the basic terrain for my MayDay game that I will playtest on March 16 at the club. Dang is all-black foam-core pricey. I also painted the flesh on all of the 15mm Saracens I have left. These should go quite quickly once I get the robes done.


Andrew said...

Cool, what game are these based for? I'm doing a 1/72 DBA New England Indians army to fight Pilgrims. I also want to do a pre-Columbian Indian army to fight Vikings in Vinland.

Bob Barnetson said...

Andrew: You could do triple-sized DBA. Or some sort of variant based on Impetus (that would be my idea--I published an adaptation of Basic Impetus in the February issue of Miniature Wargames). You games sound more skirmish than element based, though. --Bob

Dave said...

Nice work, they have a very authentic look.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thank you. I consulted the Osprey "Indians of my Basement, 1776-1823" although herein the author disagrees with McGaffin's (1976) assertion that "The Indians in my basement have feather head-dresses and bows and arrows." I presume this is some sort of anachronism.

paul said...

nice look figures,nice to see something different