Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Zomtober: Doc Frank and Freddie

The International Rules of Zomtober require one Zed per week. I am a bit behind on painting this week but I did finish a 28mm Frankenstein kit from Pulp Figures.

Here we have Igor and Doctor Frankenstein animating a corpse. Overall, happy with the figures but I see I was overly enthusiastic with the grey paint on the bases.

Then we have the Monster (which I'm calling a Zed). Nice figure. I fiddled a long time to try to get the black to work properly (an increasingly desperate set of washes, dry brushings, and dips).

Freddie sits in the cage I bought last year from Red Claw pretty nicely. Overall, a sweet little set. I chose to paint the doctor and Igor a bit more modern-looking than might be appropriate to fit in with my pulp and superhero figures.

Up next: Maybe a report from the club!


Terry Silverthorn said...

Looks good Bob....umm, we won't be seeing these chaps at the game tonight at the club will we? *Gulp*

Simon Quinton said...

Nice work Bob a great looking set for playing Pulp games with.