Sunday, October 27, 2019

Low rental housing for Gotham

At the model train swap meet last weekend, I picked up a couple of cheap buildings. My favourite was this apartment building (there are never enough places for people to live (or eat!) in model towns). This building was $6 built. All I did was paint, wash, and dull coat. 

All it needs now are maybe a few decals and some blacked out glass installed in the windows (I seem to run out of clear plastic packaging). The building would be the perfect home for the United Clown Party (posed above).

I have a different version of this building already (a rooming house). It wasn't until I was working on the newer model that I noticed that the person who built the roaming house model reversed the upper floors to put the fire escape on the front (thereby blocking the front doors?). Obviously the escape on the back makes much more sense.

Up next: More Zeds, a church and maybe some gangsters. And then even more zombies.


Scott M said...

Not sure Bob, but I don't think that building complex is greasy enough for the United Clown Party.

Simon Quinton said...

really cool looking buildings. Like the fire escapes on them.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks guys. Yes, the outer detail adds a nice touch. Makes me want to add window shades to other buildings!