Saturday, October 5, 2019

Cops, supers and astronauts?

No chance to game this week due to work commitments,but I did do some painting. First up are some 28mm heroclix cops. Just a quick highlight, wash, dull coat and rebasing.

In a addition to the five street officers, there was a detective in the bunch.

I also added a few new supers, including Cyborg and Raven, from the old Teen Titans comics. Cyborg's feet are stupidly large.

I was over at Bruces last week play testing a Napoleonic game and he hauled out some 1/72 astronauts he was working on to miniaturize an old Steve Jackson game about combat on the moon during the cold war.

Very nice Airfix stuff that was re-released for the 50th anniversary. This was supplemented by some paper Space 1999 rovers (printed at 4% of the file size!) and some Airfix rovers and landers.

This looks like it will be a visually spectacular game!

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Simon Quinton said...

Nice work they all look great!