Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tusken Raiders!

So I'm about half way through the Imperial Assault commission I took on and I just opened one of the Tatooine expansions. I'm struggling a touch with the heavy storm troopers (did a step out of sequence so now correcting that).

The Tusken Raiders, however, were very nice figures to paint. Great, dynamic poses, and easy to paint: white primer, wash of British uniform brown, detailing, magic dip, and matte sealer.

The hardest part I found was getting a good picture!

My camera kept washing out the tones or having too shallow a depth of field. Anyhow, these look better in person but I think the photos are okay.

Up next: Maybe some gaming at the club and then some more Imperial Assault.

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Strategist Ultima Oriente said...

Nice looking Tatooine aborigenes!