Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Hallowe'en Minis

So I didn't quite get organized enough to run a Hallowe'en game at the club. Fortunately, Terry has promised some Cthulhu action next time. But I have started in anticipation of next year.

Awhile back Scott and I engaged in my-junk-for-your-junk trading. He got a bunch of GW hex tiles and I got a bunch of horrorclix. I rebased and touched up the paint on five to serve as plot points in PulpAlley.

I also picked up some Renedra tombstones to make a grave yard. I painted up one of the sprues.

This is likely enough headstones for skirmish gaming. Nice stuff for a quick paint, wash and base.

Up next: I'm off to try some more CCA Tricorne this week with Bruce. Then some horrorclix figures.


  1. Replies
    1. Thans. The minis heroclix does are offen wonderful sculpts.

  2. I agree those figures are turning out splendidly!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, a bit of drybrushing, highlights, and washing gives great results for little effort. And, do far, I haven't lacerated myself cutting them ff the clix bases. Yet.