Friday, June 6, 2014

Some 15mm 5150

Vacations and other summer activities will be interrupting my biweekly gaming with Bruce so I wandered out on Wednesday night four one last go.

We gave the 5150 ground rules by Two Hour Wargames a go using Bruce's 15mm sci-fi stuff. A meeting engagement and the guy who holds the two wins the games.

Overall, simple enough. I like the activation mechanism (although momentum does not shift like it does in other THW rules) and the morale system. Movement and shooting were simple enough but lacked something for me. The reaction system (in lieu of opportunity fire) is a good concept but tends to bog play down some. Not as good as FUBAR in my view. But a fun time (except when Bruce stripped my armour from the field... .

Up next: Some stuff on the painting table and it looks like I can make the club night on June 17!

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