Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1/72 75mm infantry gun

Another of the Memoir 44 guns. This is again a $5 Zvezda model for their Art of Tactics game. This time it is a 75mm infantry gun.

I see the figures are vastly more shiny than the model so I will try to hit them with some paint-on dull coat. I may have also gotten carried away with the dust.

Up next: A 37mm ATG and then perhaps onto some French tanks by Canada Day.


  1. Very nice work with this Inf gun!

  2. Thanks Phil. these are nice little models. The bases are a very nice addition.

  3. I had to scratch build some of these for my army (years ago), I wish I'd had access to this model then.

  4. Yes, a sweet model and a lot easier than scratch building (yuck!)