Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More World at War

Bruce hauled out half of a Normandy scenario last night. After enduring ribbing about his self-propelled smoke generators (Shermans), we got under way with the Germans holding the village on the right (below) and the British advancing all across his baseline.

Alas, it appears that it was the Volksgrenadiers' day to drive the Panthers and I threw attack dice that consistently came up 1-2-3-1 (high is good in World at War). Then Bruce got a series of double impulses. Then the Typhoons showed up and kept sticking around (for the entire game--must be the new perpetual motion engines Churchill was on about!).

It was a slaughter. I think I killed one of his units (a Stuart, with an infantry assault in the woods). My reinforcements arrived and drove up the left side to grab the bridge and swing back around behind the British advance to grab a town but the Typhoons got them too!

Not that it would have matters, given how well entrenched the British were. And all of the Shermans survived! That will teach me to be cocky! Overall, a good game marred by terrible luck. But that happens!

Up next: Some dystopian wars ships then the club on Tuesday then back to 1/72-scale ancients. More Germanic horse, I think. Or maybe some Roman command stands. We'll see.

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