Monday, March 10, 2014

1/72-scale Germanic cavalry

As I work my way through the pile of plastic, I happened across a box of Strelet's 1/72-scale Germanic cavalry. These 12 riders might serve as light cavalry for the Romans or scouts for their Germanic opponents.

The sculpting of typical of Strelets: lots of deep detail, a bit cartoonish in places and a few dogs.

The fellow below, in particular, makes little sense. Maybe he is warding off a blow. But he is also looking right into the back of his shield. Looks worse in person than it does in the picture. There is also a fellow with a big metal belt who was, in a past life, a WWF champion?

These figures fit in nicely, in terms of size and sculpt with the MiniArt figures I'm currently using as medium and heavy cavalry. Strelets is left and MiniArt is right in the picture below. They are quite a bit beefier than the HaT fellows I painted last week.

Up next: Some WW2 gaming with Bruce tomorrow. Then onto some Dystopian Wars ships. I also have discovered six half-painted AWI dragoons that I will finish. This may inspire me to begin rebasing my AWI guys on washers. That will be a large, albeit mindless, last.

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