Saturday, March 22, 2014

AWI Odds and Sods

For whatever reason, these six 1/72-sale AWI dragoons have been on the shelf atop my painting desk for a couple of years with the horses done and the riders crying out for colour. I finally finished them off to clear up the space.

Nice enough figures (Italeri?) and these will be the start of my summer rebasing project--all of the AWI to washers with (one hopes) minimal figure damage I need a big trip to Edmonton Tool and Fastener this week.

Invigorated by last weeks CCA game, I found an CCA Epic scenario that pits Romans against Gauls. My figures will be out of period but I'm keen to use this orbit to push a few more figure through the painting process. I will have room for up to eight players but need four (well, three plus mer, I suppose).

Up next: Some 1/72-scale Persian light cavalry by HaT. Then some more 1/72 foot and some Roman cavalry.


  1. Sorry to resurrect this post, but I just saw it. What size are the washers you are using for these. It looks like you would have to trim the integral base. I used to use two 3/4" (20mm) washers but now make my own cut from roofers tin that are approximately the same shape.

  2. Sean, These are fender washers that are just shy of an inch across. I often end up with a bit of overlap on the integral base so either trim or otherwise make do with the base. I used to make my own bases but a bulk buy of fender washers is so much easier and they have nicely finished edges.