Saturday, March 7, 2020

Temple of Chac

We had three guys out at the club this week and Terry put on the Temple of Chac. Basically, the game is an Indiana Jones-themed treasure-collection game. You have your usual rolling stone ball, closing walls, lava field, underground river and dodgey bridge 

We managed three games in under two hours. Each player gets two characters. Dan made use of his second character almost immediately in game 1. Terry's venture across the lava field saw him join Dan in the "redux" club.

I managed to stay ahead and cross the bridge Then I went back to jump on it and drop some boards for Terry. Then I booted it for the exit while the boulder trapped the others. An unlikely win!

It seems to me that there are basically two strategies: lava field treasure hunt or run and try to unlock the doors to various treasure vaults.

The lava field requires looking at and memorizing which tiles are trapped each game (while the walls are closing in). Since that is hard, I always chose run-and-pick, while Dan and Terry leaned towards the lava field.

This did not work well for me in game two as I got smeared and then trapped in the tomb (along with everyone else).

Game three was tight with everyone in the river as the boulder rushed towards the exit. I didn't take any pictures but Terry and Dan made it out while, weighed down by a huge amount of loot, I died steps from the exit. A pretty fun evening.

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