Saturday, March 21, 2020

Bootlegged wookies!

So, no gaming for awhile because of the pandemic. But that means more time for painting!

I'm continuing to chip away at the large groups of Star Wars figures I picked up. I finished off the wookies today. After painting them, I noticed a few Chewbacca's seem to be recasts (smaller and thinner). This isn't super surprising given the age of the figures--mostly just interesting to run across.

There were also these aliens, with whom I'm not familiar.

Then the imperial spy from Tatooine. I agonized a bit about his base but eventually decided that everyone is getting the same basing.

The lot I bought also included Luke's land speeder.

It came with an alternative pilot (with more tactical head gear) and hood-mounted cannon. Very Car Wars!

I also received a Storm Skimmer, which is some sort of post ROTJ non-canonical vehicle designed to give speeder bikes some heavier support. The online pictures I say suggested the rear guy is support to be a pilot but I just had a second gunner so flipped him around. If we ever play Canvas Eagles again, I'm set!

Some other Imperial randos: A sand trooper and two Imperial guards.

I also unearthed a 28mm Tarzan from my desk.

Up next: Rebel scum!


Duc de Gobin said...

Again, great work.
I must unearth my old grenadier Star Wars stuff.
I had been considering using Nordic Weasel Games' 'Squad Hammer' for some star wars games.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Duc! I've been thinking pulp alley or tribal might be fun for a skirmish game.

Mike Strefford said...

The Aliens you didn't recognise were Noghri, from the Thrawn novels.